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Just had a talk with my dad about pretty much everything in our lives that makes me uncomfortable. It was actually quite comforting. I've never been so honest with him. about my fears, what I've done, etc. I feel much more comfortable living at home now.
I read the headline fast and ignored the colon so it read "Police Man Used Role Playing Game To Prey On Kids" Still a shocking thing to know. It's weird knowing that sexual predators may be among us, and we might know one personally without realizing.
Hey Mike, Is there any chance you guys do gift wrapping? My sister is about to order the Tanner tie bar online for her boyfriend's birthday.
I think a white TV bezel would be pretty irritating to notice while watching if you ask me
I wonder who Jimmy's mom is going to fuck next season. Richard?
Yes, PS is the absolute skinniest APC jean in every respect
(slightly) bigger engine. so (slightly) faster. still by no means fast. but with the right exhaust a 330ci can sound pretty damn sexy. my friend had one and sold it to another friend who ultimately swapped an S54 in it. even when it was relatively stock though it was always a nice car.here it is stock, save for the drop, wheels, and clear corners.
E46 330ci since you don't seem to appreciate the perfection that is the E30 M3
If you use that white sneaker touch up you will still see a ghost underneath. You'd need to sand the logo off to get rid of it, I did that with a pair of Lacoste sneakers. Shouldn't take more than a few minutes.
What has been seen cannot be unseen. I knew in the back of my head it was going to happen but I didn't want to believe it. What. The. Fuck.
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