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Will this thread include footwear or is that too much?
H&M has great tank tops in the summer. The ones that are a cotton/poly/rayon blend as opposed to the ribbed 100% cotton ones. They're loose, large neck and armholes, longer than normal, kindof sheer. $7. H&M tees are your run of the mill slim-but-not-too-slim shirts. Just a less boxy hanes tee with a tad softer cotton. $6. If you're really small (
How short? Just ordered one to try out. I'm 5'6'' so maybe it will fit normal on me?
They make N&F in 27?
[[SPOILER]] APC PS @ 2.5 yrs
Anyone have experience dyeing a wool sweater? Was helping my grandmother reorganize and came across this sweater that she gave to me since it hasn't fit her in years I want to dye it a deep red. Or purple. Or mix the two and see what happens. Edit: Purple. My main concern is how hot the water should be so that the fibers absorb the dye but don't felt and shrink. And here's more mediocre DIY stuff I've done to pass the time: Bleached t shirt for a friend. Black captoes...
I've been asking myself the same question for months now. The closest I've found is American Apparel Loose Crew Summer shirts. Neck still isn't as wide as I had hoped, it's in between a regular crew neck and the Oak tee you posted.
Just had a talk with my dad about pretty much everything in our lives that makes me uncomfortable. It was actually quite comforting. I've never been so honest with him. about my fears, what I've done, etc. I feel much more comfortable living at home now.
I read the headline fast and ignored the colon so it read "Police Man Used Role Playing Game To Prey On Kids" Still a shocking thing to know. It's weird knowing that sexual predators may be among us, and we might know one personally without realizing.
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