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I always thought the yellow stitching on Docs were polyester, and therefore impossible dye. Guess I'm wrong though. Anyone have any cut up t shirts worth sharing? I've fucked up on every attempt so far.
Lost a friend today. He didn't die, just turned into an asshole. Well I guess he always was an asshole, but only now did it get to the point that I could no longer tolerate him. Coming home from a party last night he got into a fight with another friend which led to ranting about how public assistance programs are to help minorities looking for handouts and take money unjustly from the white man's pockets. Yes, he really did say that. He felt that we didn't get comprehend...
The midsole and stacked leather heel on my shoes have darkened considerably with wear. Would lightly sanding them down to get the natural leather colour back be advisable or should I leave it be? I like the contrast the natural sole/heel has against the black upper.
Why didn't you get 29? 28s didn't look that tight. 29 with after some stretching sounds like it would have been perfect (imo). Regardless, glad you're happy with them.
My average has been getting better because I have become a LOT more meticulous when it comes to sizing. I always email asking for more measurements. If I see something I like the first thing I do is check if anyone on here owns it. If they do I look at the measurements listed in their profile, PM them about what size they got, etc.
Guys that bought Elephant 2's, fit pics would be much appreciated
I thrift boys sportcoats and tell myself they're Thom Browne
I realized that there are a lot of awesome competitively priced tailors in HK while browsing MC, but I'm only going to be there for 3 days
I'm going to be in HK from the 27-29. Wondering if anyone had anymore recommendations. Still on the hunt for an affordable white dress shirt with a smaller point collar, and perhaps a hidden placket. Any leads for stores or labels that would have that is greatly appreciated. Also want to shop for a pair of sneakers for a (female) friend. She likes loud, obnoxious colorful shit, but not bape.
I have barely bought anything this year but have purged a good 30% of my entire wardrobe, maybe more. It feels so much better not wading through shit all the time just to grab a simple white shirt and pick my petit standards up off the floor.
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