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Thanks guys. The jeans were about a year and a few months old when the pic was taken and hadn't yet been washed. They've been washed twice and have had 2 repairs since then. Really beat to shit now. Hopefully I convinced hoechi to size down on his pair since he seems to be about the same build as myself.
This is me in size 25 Petit Standards I was probably a hair under 130 lbs at that time. I stand at 5'7". They're tight in the top block at first but stretched well over a full inch in the waist. Wish I had pics focusing on the lower half. They stack beautifully in my opinion.
26 in Petit Standards. Trust me. They stretch a lot.
New Super Mash Bros.
Thvm Skinny Raw Indigo. Size 27.
Saw KOAN Sound, Skream & Benga (both on one set), and Skrillex on Saturday night. Skream and Benga's set was worth every penny of the scalped ticket (as well as the fake one I bought off Craigslist earlier in the week )
I take a 28 in most jeans, 25 in APC PS. For Thvm Skinnies a 27 was perfect.
I have a pair of Thvm Skinnies I got on sale for $40. They fit like my Petit Standards with a slightly higher rise. Pics soon.
Was at the filming of a documentary on denim called Warp and Weft yesterday. Mostly everyone there was from SuFu. It was fun and one of the few times that I've had a chance to interact with other denim enthusiasts. Can't wait to see the finished product.
Fit pics?
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