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26 in Petit Standards. Trust me. They stretch a lot.
New Super Mash Bros.
Thvm Skinny Raw Indigo. Size 27.
Saw KOAN Sound, Skream & Benga (both on one set), and Skrillex on Saturday night. Skream and Benga's set was worth every penny of the scalped ticket (as well as the fake one I bought off Craigslist earlier in the week )
I take a 28 in most jeans, 25 in APC PS. For Thvm Skinnies a 27 was perfect.
I have a pair of Thvm Skinnies I got on sale for $40. They fit like my Petit Standards with a slightly higher rise. Pics soon.
Was at the filming of a documentary on denim called Warp and Weft yesterday. Mostly everyone there was from SuFu. It was fun and one of the few times that I've had a chance to interact with other denim enthusiasts. Can't wait to see the finished product.
Fit pics?
I always thought the yellow stitching on Docs were polyester, and therefore impossible dye. Guess I'm wrong though. Anyone have any cut up t shirts worth sharing? I've fucked up on every attempt so far.
Lost a friend today. He didn't die, just turned into an asshole. Well I guess he always was an asshole, but only now did it get to the point that I could no longer tolerate him. Coming home from a party last night he got into a fight with another friend which led to ranting about how public assistance programs are to help minorities looking for handouts and take money unjustly from the white man's pockets. Yes, he really did say that. He felt that we didn't get comprehend...
New Posts  All Forums: