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Just cutting up white t shirts lately. Nothing I'm particularly proud of though. Should probably start with longer t shirts to get the fit I want but for now I'll keep using Hanes. istasi, somewhere way back in this thread (first few pages I believe) I bleached a black t shirt. It came out looking like rust more than anything, definitely not grey.
#244. Let's do this
I know. It fit better when I got it last year. The pants feel a bit tight in the thigh now as well. Skinny fat ftl
My first night here in Vegas I went to XS when Steve Aoki was spinning. Long story short my cheap polyester suit from Asos got covered in chocolate cake and Moet. I drunkenly threw it in the wash hoping for the best and there is still some discoloration. I'm not sure if it's from the cake or the champagne. Any suggestions?
It is indeed a one button jacket
Attended a wedding over the weekend. I believe this is my first WAYWT post.
Just got my xs crew neck. I'm 5'7", 132 lbs. Definitely getting a small next time. My nipples pierce through the xs. Fabric is great though, and the sleeves are perfect. Most t shirt sleeves either flare out on me or hug my bicep like a muscle shirt. The sleeves on Everlane tees are just right. This shirt will make a great undershirt for crew neck sweaters and I'd size up for tees to wear on their own.
I'd wear them if they were available in black patent leather (0).
I can't get behind $150 for a canvas shoe shoe with a glued sole. I'm sure the quality/construction far exceeds converse/vans/keds, but at that price a cupsole or a leather upper would be nice. I'm really not feeling the silhouette of the Asos Black hi-tops posted. I'm a fan of these Supras. Most of their offerings are quite tacky but every now and then they have a sneaker I'd wear.
Does anyone have a rec for cheap merino wool socks?
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