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Quote: Originally Posted by snake They're probably high school kids working for minimum wage, you can't expect too much.. as an employee of the company, i can honestly say that you're absolutely right.
Quote: Originally Posted by EdenResident I bought the Oxfords and put on about 10 coats on brown polish. They look incredible for a $50 pair of shoes. I'll probably buy the wingtips, too. if it's not too much trouble, could you post pics? very curious about what they actually look like. the AE at my mall didn't have any of the oxfords, yet they still had flip flops in every color in stock
Quote: Originally Posted by bassmanpatsfan18 How do you uniqlo pants run--specifically the cords? True to size? the regular/slim cords run true to size. the skinny ones, however, i find myself sizing up one inch or else they'd be skin tight (they have a hint of elastic in them i believe)
thoughts on a sperry topsider chukka? was considering getting a pair of desert boots in beeswax leather but already have a pair in grey and want something less sleek and more clunkier, yet still maintaining a slim profile because i'm 5'5" 120 lbs and "real" boots (red wings, timbs, etc) look like clown shoes on me. enough with my rambling. i'm pretty set on a pair of sperry chukkas but don't know whether to go for brown suede or brown leather. brown leather (note i'd...
i think i just found my base layers for this ski season.
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter What I need is a pair of shoes that bridges the gap between casual (Chucks) and formal (Allen Edmonds)... Edit - basically, something I can wear with khakies, sort of like boat shoes but not for summer... I'm looking for plain black that just flies under the radar. I have difficult to fit feet, want to spend under $100, and live in a snowy country... how about a pair of zig zags?
Quote: Originally Posted by spencers I liked the look of the J.Crew Timex watch, but couldn't justify the exorbiant amount they wanted for a TIMEX, much less a quartz. So I went with a Seiko 5 automatic SNK809 (military). It has been modded with custom hands and face (via Yobokies on It's on a stock nylon strap. if you don't mind me asking, how much did the mods cost you? i've been looking for an affordable military watch,...
have copped -zig zags, grey -bamboo socks -wallabees, brown, thrifted must cop -uniqlo skinny cords, brown -tanner skinny standard belt, black -misc. wool and/or silk knit ties -converse skateboarding chucks, black -AA cardigan, electric blue -tailorstore MTM shirt, solid pale pink or pink gingham, not sure
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 ^nice, rented one on vacation. anyomne know if i should get my 10 year old son a 20" or 24" bmx? 20" for sure. most 24" cruisers will not take the beating a 20" will. other tips when shopping for a kid's bmx bike: -a rear brake will suffice, no need for a front one -a detangler (ie gyro) is unnecessary for a first bmx bike, it messes up brake feel and he's not going to be doing barspins any time...
any recs for a slim black casual oxford or derby a la rachel comey or common projects that cost a lot less? is this too much to ask for? i'm a broke college student so if i should stick to my shitty zig zags and save up my money for more packs of pbr then feel free to slap some sense into me.
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