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is it just me or did all the jeans go up $10 from last season? well at least they restocked all the sizes in the black jeans
transition lenses? my father had a pair years ago when they first came out. he said they were the most annoying things ever and hasn't bought a pair since...
thanks, i let my friend set up a black tarp in my basement for a school photo project. seized the opportunity to take some jeans pics
APC PS size 25
this may or may not have been asked before but any plans for a slimmer, "skinny" cut?
orient watches 30% off free shipping + free watch + free link remover use code newyear10 good til friday 11:59pm EST
-purple plaid flannel from target. apparently by shaun white. boys size large. contemplating darting the back. am i stupid? -wii -famous stars and straps t-shirt -sony MDR-V700 headphones with a 1/4 inch adapter
i was going to pull the trigger on a pair of pf flyer bob cousys this christmas morning, only to find out's 70% off discount on them ended merry christmas to all
^ are pf flyers made in the usa?
anyone want to recommend me a black raw skinny jean? i have a pair of indigo APC PS in size 25 that i love, for reference. nowhere that i have called/emailed has them in black though. heading to jean shop after finals week to check out their skinny fit, but it looks more like a very slim straight.
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