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i want some of that purple stuff
thanks for both of your replies. the idea struck me when i put on my 100% polyester undershirt as a baselayer for skiing. i guess a blend would be an ideal compromise by both wicking away sweat from the body and still holding some so it does not go through to your outer layers? and kontai, would the duluth undershirts be wearable on its own in the summer or does it look too obviously like an undershirt?
I'm the type of guy who sweats a lot. Is a 50/50 blend cotton/poly tee going to be better for me than 100% cotton?
subtle details (or even lack thereof) speak worlds more than bold statements time is greater than or equal to money never pay retail never ride bareback (though this is the reason my sister and myself were born) being smart can have little to do with being successful never drive with anger when in a different state obey all traffic laws double check that all screws are flush various household repairs/car maintenance how to drive manual thin multiple coats of...
is it just me or did all the jeans go up $10 from last season? well at least they restocked all the sizes in the black jeans
transition lenses? my father had a pair years ago when they first came out. he said they were the most annoying things ever and hasn't bought a pair since...
thanks, i let my friend set up a black tarp in my basement for a school photo project. seized the opportunity to take some jeans pics
APC PS size 25
this may or may not have been asked before but any plans for a slimmer, "skinny" cut?
orient watches 30% off free shipping + free watch + free link remover use code newyear10 good til friday 11:59pm EST
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