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Stumbled upon a pair of AE Park Avenues in my size in oxblood on eBay here I have a pair in black that I thrifted and love to death. Is it foolish to pay $45 shipped for used ones with a scuff on the toebox?
exactly how heavy are the heavyweight jeans?
blackbird's new in-house jean looks promising
reccomendations for denim repair in nyc? crotch blowout in my petit standards and thanks everyone who responded to my post regarding heavy denim. i also looked at all the brands blue in green and self edge has to offer. still seems like iron heart is what i'm looking for in terms of bot denim weight and a slim cut. if N&F only made the skinnyguy in extra heavy denim...
what other brands are there besides iron heart that have very very ridiculously heavy denim?
Quote: Originally Posted by y7bbb6 PS 25? how much do yo weigh? I don't own an accurate scale but last time I got a physical I believe I was 126. Don't let APC's vanity sizing fool you though, my true waist is 27.5
i'm contemplating dyeing a pair of sand suedes i thrifted for $2.50. will rit dye work? my father suggested that food coloring might work but i haven't found any info online on this.
Beautiful photos of everyone. I just noticed that I went to high school with the kid who designed the logo. Small world.
i want some of that purple stuff
thanks for both of your replies. the idea struck me when i put on my 100% polyester undershirt as a baselayer for skiing. i guess a blend would be an ideal compromise by both wicking away sweat from the body and still holding some so it does not go through to your outer layers? and kontai, would the duluth undershirts be wearable on its own in the summer or does it look too obviously like an undershirt?
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