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those look amazing! really nice contrast fades. no rips/holes/repairs?
if it's dry by now just rub it with a suede eraser and brush. nothing else you can do
any recs for wii games? i got house of the dead overkill and enjoyed it. other than that the wii has been collecting dust save for a few wii sports sessions with friends
not really a fashion thought, just a forum thought. but why is there a sudden influx of threads popping up that clearly could have been posted in the quick questions or noob threads? like a lot more than usual. is it just me or did the amount of unnecessary special flower threads on the first page double this past week?
deadstock vintage made in USA work boots on eBay, $18, shipped
"you must know the rules thoroughly in order to break them properly"
measurements from a size 27: Waistband: 29 inches. Front rise: 9.5 inches. Back rise: 13 inches. Thigh: 20 inches around. Knee: 14.5 inches around. Inseam: 32.5 inches. Leg opening: 6.75 inches across. blog post with better looking/fitting stock pic
Quote: Originally Posted by heeblet Oh God, please don't bring back those fits. Also please don't bring back 80's acid washes and light blue's and crap. this has already been brought back by the skateboard community since last year, ironically mostly worn by kids born in 90ish edit: and to actually give some input, I'd like to see slim straight jeans made in USA of USA denim, available in a true 28. A lot of companies 28's actually measure...
Stumbled upon a pair of AE Park Avenues in my size in oxblood on eBay here I have a pair in black that I thrifted and love to death. Is it foolish to pay $45 shipped for used ones with a scuff on the toebox?
exactly how heavy are the heavyweight jeans?
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