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Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson The dumbest movie cliche: White man is sent on mission to take over land or destroy a native population (always for money). White man gets in trouble and is saved by female member of native population White man becomes accepted by most of the native population except for their head leader and the female member's betrothed. White man struggles with being in the native population and knowing he is supposed to get...
any recs for a sturdy collapsible umbrella? Every one I've used has eventually broke
Not that I know of. Most of the popular brands are American. There are bearings made in Japan though by a company called Ninja, haven't tried them myself but some say they are as fast as Swiss bearings. The best thing to do is go to a local skateshop, perhaps they have a local brand or domestically made house brand. I wouldn't be too surprised though if most, even all of their product is sourced overseas.
after a day of wear they will stretch back exactly to how they fit before the wash.
mini-logo deck. made in the same factory (california skate factory) as powell and the like. $10-15 cheaper due to lack of graphics. god knows where shop blank decks come from. bones reds bearings. they will last him through many set ups. clean every few months. as for trucks, it's a lot of personal preference. i like grind king lows. jessup grip tape. just enough grip, not too much (like black label) like someone above said, 50-52 mm wheels. much better for a...
Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt How is the quality on the made-in-Slovakia German army sneaker repros? Also how is the sizing? forgive my ignorance but where 2 kop?
removing embroidery rarely goes right in my experience... also: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=54301
just take a seam ripper and take the pocket off. i do this all the times (aber kids xl for all you fellow 5'5" and under guys) fine for the oxfords, might look odd without a pocket on the western style shirts though...
1940s Gillette SuperSpeed Crabtree & Evelyn Soap (gift) cheap eBay badger brush taking your time to prep & proper shaving technique > $$$ spent goes for both the new cartridge razors as well as the "vintage" DE scene
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