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My BMX that I just got done building recently. Fit S2 Frame Odyssey Lumberjack Bars Stolen Clutch Stem Stolen Money Grips Stolen Vortex Fork Stolen Team Grips Stolen 25T Sprocket Stolen Half Link Chain Stolen Team Cranks Odyssey Euro BB Odyssey Twisted PC Pedals Stolen Roulette Hubs 36H laced to Stolen Roulette Rims on Tioga 2.25" Tires Front/Rear (9T Driver) Stolen Thermalite Post Stolen PC Seat (Soon to be changed with Animal Seat) Frame was obtained...
Don't forget JeanShop. You will find exactly the wash/fades you're looking for
retrosuperfuture does a lot of wayfarer-esque sunglasses. Look for the "classics" model. Free of any logos, look mean in matte black. oakley frogskins may fit the bill aside from the obnoxious branding on the side...
^ in my experience, both levis 510 and AA slim slacks have very inconsistent sizing. I flip flop between 26 and 27 AA, and 28 29 510 depending on the color. on another note, colored slim jeans at h&m can be had right now for $20. low enough price to buy 2 pairs, one for cutting into shorts.
Quote: Originally Posted by nineohtoo Info on the leather strap? I'm looking for one for my SNK809 I got from Harold
just got measurements from Schott regarding the 641. It's a 25.5" back length. Also got measurements from British Motorcycle Gear about their Montana jacket. It's 23" long. But it has 25" sleeves. I'm 5'5"-5'6". Could a tailor hem the sleeves, or is that going to just cause one big expensive mess?
The 641 is a closer fit, though it still may be too long for a true café racer look. Schott does have an online MTM program if you really want a Schott...
any recommendations for gloves that are protective in the event of a fall but don't look like they just came off the racetrack? I'm taking the MSF course this summer. Can't wait
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May This was on another forum... hahaha amazing. get full tilts
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson The dumbest movie cliche: White man is sent on mission to take over land or destroy a native population (always for money). White man gets in trouble and is saved by female member of native population White man becomes accepted by most of the native population except for their head leader and the female member's betrothed. White man struggles with being in the native population and knowing he is supposed to get...
New Posts  All Forums: