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+ rep to you. a lot of those were on gilt for more than twice the price
The first one could look nice with a 6 or 7 inch round headlamp
Quote: Originally Posted by nahneun The Bo Burger was apparently invented in Ithaca, NY. I thought the egg-on-burger was a japanese concoction
I usually just tie a knot on each end right by the eyelet, and cut the lace down to size. Looks better than laced, and a hell of a lot better than the payot/twizzler looking thing
Glanced at the site. you carry bmx parts but only from Animal? I mean they're a great company but it can't be that hard finding some other distributors Tree Bicycle Co looks like they'd be a good addition to your lineup
Quote: Originally Posted by quasky on the subject of SBs, these are actually pretty nice: p-rod 2.5. look nicer in person. they feel kind of like a half-cab. are these chunky like the cup sole p rod 2, or did they slim it down for this vulcanized version? my p rod 2's are comfy as hell, but wearing them always makes me feel like...
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol There is almost no utilitarian reason to buy a watch anymore. Admit it: you're buying a fucking bracelet. At a new job, it always looks more professional to glance at your watch to check the time instead of pulling out your phone.
with these two things i can clean just about anything
Quote: Originally Posted by dmbp Obviously didn't see UP in theaters. I shed a tear for ts3, I legit cried during UP. I'm a 20 year old kid. You're right. I saw Up on DVD. That montage in the beginning. Oh God...
that was the first time i ever shed a tear in a movie theatre...
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