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interested. fit pics/measurements please?
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel +1 on the no condom and the best lube is her own juice, which will serve two purposes: 1. lubrication 2. getting her excited enough to produce juice will get her to relax, which you need her to be if you want to go in through the back door. Start with your finger, slowly work your thumb in there, and once she is as loose as she can be, slather her taint area/a-hole and your cawk in her juice and slowly start...
The gf wants to try it in the pooper for the first time. I'm a complete noob as well. One friend swears by astroglide. I've contemplated grapeseed oil but oil would damage a condom, no? I'm open to any suggestions so if anyone has experience going through the back door please chime in
Quote: Originally Posted by Dom Toretto You never had me. You never had your car
+ rep to you. a lot of those were on gilt for more than twice the price
The first one could look nice with a 6 or 7 inch round headlamp
Quote: Originally Posted by nahneun The Bo Burger was apparently invented in Ithaca, NY. I thought the egg-on-burger was a japanese concoction
I usually just tie a knot on each end right by the eyelet, and cut the lace down to size. Looks better than laced, and a hell of a lot better than the payot/twizzler looking thing
Glanced at the site. you carry bmx parts but only from Animal? I mean they're a great company but it can't be that hard finding some other distributors Tree Bicycle Co looks like they'd be a good addition to your lineup
Quote: Originally Posted by quasky on the subject of SBs, these are actually pretty nice: p-rod 2.5. look nicer in person. they feel kind of like a half-cab. are these chunky like the cup sole p rod 2, or did they slim it down for this vulcanized version? my p rod 2's are comfy as hell, but wearing them always makes me feel like...
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