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Bought some cheap leopard print pants. Dyed them black. I regret nothing.
Finally saw it yesterday. Worth the wait seeing it in IMAX in Lincoln Square, sitting dead center with less than 20 other patrons in the theater. Also helped that I went by myself. Although Caine had very little screentime, every time he talked I wanted to cry
Rugby polos are available in xs and fit similar to Polo custom fit, perhaps a tad slimmer/shorter. At sale price they're worth giving a shot if you can get over the skull/crossbones logo. Also your cargo shorts look like burlap sacks filled with cottage cheese.
Petit Standards. Really low.
Ah I see. It looked like perhaps there was in pictures but it turns out it's a split yoke. How does it fit you? I'm hoping it's slim enough for my 34" chest.
Does anyone wear their dress shirts in 14.5? Would really appreciate measurements. Also wondering if they have box pleats in the back (hope not).
I'm somewhat interested. Sometimes I wish my Petit Standards had a tad higher rise
Nothing a seam ripper can't take care of
Has anyone tried a sized up Ryan t shirt? I can't be the only one that's been curious
Really? I imagine a scene/emo girl would be more likely to wear this to a post hardcore show than a "raver" girl wear this to EDC.And it's supposed to be a ribcage but looking at it now it does resemble lungs.
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