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Four loko
Any recs for bars/clubs a couple of 20 year old New Yorkers might be interested in in Montreal?
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman Tinting your windows is just begging to get pulled over. Even if the tint is "legal" it's often just the reasonable suspicion a cop needs to take you to the side of the road and then start raping you with his baton. It's not worth it. I have a 35% tint that looks darker than it actually is because I have a black car and I have never been pulled over before. Many of my friends have 20% tints and have...
In my experience, if the waiter asks you if you'd like wine, he isn't going to card you. I'm 20 and look 17. Never been carded at a nicer restaurant, only at shitholes like applebee's
Hello SFers. My friends and I are heading to Montreal from the 19th to the 22nd. There are three of us, each 20 years old, and this will be all of our first times in Montreal. One of my friends is fluent in French and I know enough to order at a bar or restaurant. I have a few concerns and would like some recommendations of any places a poor student like myself could enjoy. Car theft: My friend wants to take his new (to him) flashy E46 with 19 inch wheels, S54 swap, etc...
Drank Skyy vodka and Bud Light. Ate more Adderall than food. Smoked Djarums and looked like a pansy doing it. Applied to college as a pre-pharmacy major because it was the cool thing to do. Had a shitty Azn girlfriend that I didn't deserve. Did not get laid.
selling/trading/giving away things on craigslist. organizing one's house/apartment. parkour/freerunning. sharpening knives (I find this to be especialy relaxing) free classes/seminars at the local library.
anything more you can say about the womens selvedge jean as of yet? the lady friend is very interested. Most other jeans for women have too much stretch to even be considered jeans anymore
Quote: Originally Posted by blairh What you're describing is known as the "soap opera affect" or SOA. It's a result of motion interpolation. The problem is that your friend's LED is either 120 Hz or 240 Hz and you were watching their TV with motion interpolation turned on. Your friend needs to go into his picture settings and either shut motion interpolation off or adjust it to a setting that will not create the dreaded SOA. I have a new 120 Hz Samsung...
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