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Shortly after downloading Android 2.2, my Droid X started having a slew of problems that it never had before: wouldn't play music or view pictures, kept freezing, would get stuck on the "M" screen while booting up, etc) I had to factory reset it and apparently I'm not the only one. But other than that I love my phone. No more problems since the factory reset. And the size isn't bad unless you plan on shoving it in your front pocket while wearing skin tight jeans.
Hanes grey poly/cotton v necks. Fit is much slimmer than the 100% cotton, and they last forever. Zig Zag shoes. 24 bucks for cheap rubber soled cotton upper oxfords. Throw some insoles on them and they're comfy enough. I have them in grey and wear them with everything. Levi's 510s. Come in every color imaginable.
CharlieAngel, what's your true waist size?
Things I bring in my messenger bag to school aside from books: a few pens, one pencil lighter napkins/tissues lens cloth headphones micro USB charger moleskin notebook free multitool key chain from tellabs (LED flashlight, philips/flathead, bottle opener, box cutter) things I should probably keep in my messenger bag as well: epipen nexium
Quote: Originally Posted by ms244 For Christs sake, don't buy a Subaru. What's wrong with an Outback for DD, camping and skiing?
Simplicio, that is everything that I wanted the Vlodis to be. I think I have to shoot Ernest Alexander an email soon....
Four loko
Any recs for bars/clubs a couple of 20 year old New Yorkers might be interested in in Montreal?
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman Tinting your windows is just begging to get pulled over. Even if the tint is "legal" it's often just the reasonable suspicion a cop needs to take you to the side of the road and then start raping you with his baton. It's not worth it. I have a 35% tint that looks darker than it actually is because I have a black car and I have never been pulled over before. Many of my friends have 20% tints and have...
New Posts  All Forums: