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Hanes grey poly/cotton v necks. Fit is much slimmer than the 100% cotton, and they last forever. Zig Zag shoes. 24 bucks for cheap rubber soled cotton upper oxfords. Throw some insoles on them and they're comfy enough. I have them in grey and wear them with everything. Levi's 510s. Come in every color imaginable.
CharlieAngel, what's your true waist size?
Things I bring in my messenger bag to school aside from books: a few pens, one pencil lighter napkins/tissues lens cloth headphones micro USB charger moleskin notebook free multitool key chain from tellabs (LED flashlight, philips/flathead, bottle opener, box cutter) things I should probably keep in my messenger bag as well: epipen nexium
Quote: Originally Posted by ms244 For Christs sake, don't buy a Subaru. What's wrong with an Outback for DD, camping and skiing?
Simplicio, that is everything that I wanted the Vlodis to be. I think I have to shoot Ernest Alexander an email soon....
Four loko
Any recs for bars/clubs a couple of 20 year old New Yorkers might be interested in in Montreal?
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman Tinting your windows is just begging to get pulled over. Even if the tint is "legal" it's often just the reasonable suspicion a cop needs to take you to the side of the road and then start raping you with his baton. It's not worth it. I have a 35% tint that looks darker than it actually is because I have a black car and I have never been pulled over before. Many of my friends have 20% tints and have...
In my experience, if the waiter asks you if you'd like wine, he isn't going to card you. I'm 20 and look 17. Never been carded at a nicer restaurant, only at shitholes like applebee's
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