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If you find one in natural it could easily be dyed to navy blue
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Drugs. Lots of drugs. Steve-O is actually completely sober. Watched a documentary on him. He's been clean for at least two years apparently. And the video footage of him on nitrous is much more disturbing than any of the gags I've seen on Jackass. Quote: Originally Posted by dissapointedengineer Is it just me, or are some people just GOOD at that kinda shit? /I'm sorta thinking back...
Oxblood wingtips perhaps? He stated he already has dark brown.
Quote: Originally Posted by amstokesdb9 Also, Ive owned 2 creative products and I was pretty happy with how they worked. That is except that both died prematurely so I dont buy Creative anymore. +1 only thing left from the creative mp3 player i had are the earbuds which are pretty decent (at least loads better than the shit apple ones)
I see. I guess I'll disregard that detail. Thank you for your response. Would it be a waste if I had a tailor slim the sleeves? I could always use another white shirt. How much could I expect to pay for the alteration?
Just received my first order from ModernTailor, the $20 trial shirt. Used measurements from my best fitting shirt. Didn't realize I clicked "normal" fit instead of "slim" until looking at the order now. So far I think it's not too bad for the first try. The sleeves could be quite a bit narrower throughout, but the body fits pretty well despite my mistake of choosing normal fit instead of slim. I think I'm going to go with the small collar next time in addition to modifying...
I think I just saw junk on the lirr...
Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m I'm going to be a fridge with a functioning door and kids magnets on the front that say "Open me" and inside is going to be 40 room temperature smirnoff Ices duct taped to my torso.
they are pretty much on par with levi's 510s, so lower rise and much more taper than 511
+2. a lot of grey audis look.........sterile. Sprint blue is great, and not as obnoxious as Imola. Perfect choice IMO
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