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Anyone know if the $100 peacoats are still at the ny store?
I've seen more than a handful of young women in Brooklyn lately looking almost exactly like that T Swift photo with the red beanie and otherwise all black look, except TSwift has on a real RO jacket. But some of the girls look just as cute if not better in their knockoffs...
I'm in need of a recommendation. I've been wearing Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme for years, and the bottle is finally running out. It has an instant hit of citrus, but my favorite is the underlying notes of cedar and tobacco. I'm looking for a fragrance that has less of the former, more of the latter, for a more err manlier scent I guess. I know the most important thing to do is lurk this thread and browse various B&M stores and smell as much as possible, but any quick recs...
What's your dosage? The loss of appetite really gets to some people
The good ol' days when the lamb and rice platter on 53rd and 6th was $5. Now it's $6. And for some reason it just doesn't taste as good as it used to. There's a good gyro cart in Astoria on Steinway street by all the hookah bars that I go to when I'm in the area. $6 a platter. But they give you the option of spicy rice, and throw in a shit ton more vegetables than other carts: tomatoes, onions, peppers instead of just lettuce. Another good cart is right in front of LIU...
I never understood why anyone would ever choose KFC over Popeye's. The chicken has more flavor (spicy) The biscuits are flakier/more buttery The gravy is exponentially better
Twix left in the fridge. Perfection.
What belt would you wear with a velvet blazer, white shirt, APC PS, rachel comey derringers? All pieces besides the shirt being black. Oh and on a college student's budget. I don't own any belts besides besides a brown levis roller buckle one. Need something black and less americana
Seeing Rusko on Friday was the highlight of my Halloween weekend. My ears are still ringing.
Thanks. Forgot about that method. I remember SuFu kids doing that to their jeans.
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