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I never understood why anyone would ever choose KFC over Popeye's. The chicken has more flavor (spicy) The biscuits are flakier/more buttery The gravy is exponentially better
Twix left in the fridge. Perfection.
What belt would you wear with a velvet blazer, white shirt, APC PS, rachel comey derringers? All pieces besides the shirt being black. Oh and on a college student's budget. I don't own any belts besides besides a brown levis roller buckle one. Need something black and less americana
Seeing Rusko on Friday was the highlight of my Halloween weekend. My ears are still ringing.
Thanks. Forgot about that method. I remember SuFu kids doing that to their jeans.
Any ways to get the smell of smoke out of a knit without washing?
I've always wanted a tweed vest to wear with knit ties and stuff. The rough texture just screams late fall. I just don't want to end up looking like...
As great of an idea as an American Top Gear...
If you find one in natural it could easily be dyed to navy blue
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Drugs. Lots of drugs. Steve-O is actually completely sober. Watched a documentary on him. He's been clean for at least two years apparently. And the video footage of him on nitrous is much more disturbing than any of the gags I've seen on Jackass. Quote: Originally Posted by dissapointedengineer Is it just me, or are some people just GOOD at that kinda shit? /I'm sorta thinking back...
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