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Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Yeah, they're a little bit more lightweight than the normal denim. Wasn't sure how they'd fade, but they fade pretty quick and it looks cool. At least better looking than black with white weft if you ask me. They do shrink more than expected in the wash though. Was afraid they wouldn't fit me anymore. I don't see them ANYWHERE online. So not sure what's up with that. These sound pretty sick. Anyone...
Muji undershirts are so full of win. As are their notebooks.
damn. anyone know a good alternative to black petit standards? i remember paying 155. 185 is downright outrageous when there's brands like 3sixteen and the like
Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty any nyc peeps burn? i burn. usually about 3x a week. stuck in the philippines for the next two weeks though, and apparently the product here sucks. i really hope you're referring to the same type of "burn" i'm thinking of
Been at jfk since noon yesterday. Supposed to be in Hong Kong by now. But I'm brushin my teeth in the airport bathroom and noticing that even the dudes here are wearing uggs. Fuck this.
Anyone know if the $100 peacoats are still at the ny store?
I've seen more than a handful of young women in Brooklyn lately looking almost exactly like that T Swift photo with the red beanie and otherwise all black look, except TSwift has on a real RO jacket. But some of the girls look just as cute if not better in their knockoffs...
I'm in need of a recommendation. I've been wearing Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme for years, and the bottle is finally running out. It has an instant hit of citrus, but my favorite is the underlying notes of cedar and tobacco. I'm looking for a fragrance that has less of the former, more of the latter, for a more err manlier scent I guess. I know the most important thing to do is lurk this thread and browse various B&M stores and smell as much as possible, but any quick recs...
What's your dosage? The loss of appetite really gets to some people
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