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@gettoasty, are those the OTW collection? If so, how's the quality/construction? I've only seen them online and am contemplating purchasing a pair. The cup sole they use in place of the traditional vulcanized one makes them look a lot better than regular vans IMO,
Quote: Originally Posted by flyguy7 I really don't care about any of this but whats up with step 4? +1. I am completely lost. What does the salt do?
Must resist posting embarassing pics of wearing sb dunks to junior prom...
I've seen this jacket posted on this forum before as a suggestion. I've no personal experience nor do I own a motorcycle (yet. MSF course this summer, here I come) but it doesn't look hideous and is available with CE armor. Seriously considering getting one myself once I pass the MSF course. Every other armored jacket I know of looks like power ranger steeze.
+1 on the MOMA on friday nights. Cute art school chicks galore.
The halal cart on 53rd and 6th. Quality has declined a bit but it's still worth it. Pro tip: Go across the street. Same owners. No line. Get a combo platter (chicken + lamb). A little bit of hot sauce goes a long way unless you really like spicy food. Some people drench the entire platter in white sauce but refrain from putting too much. I always stop by Strand Books whenever I'm in Union Square. Usually end up leaving with a book. My go-to drunk/high munchies:...
Shit I don't actually have: TOJ Minimalist Black Calf DR, Some sort of merino wool white t shirt, Iron Heart 9301 Slim Super Black, MJK bamboo underwear, merino wool socks, Black Cromexel steel toe Doc Marten 8 eyes. Shit I do actually have: white muji v neck, APC PS, Doc Marten 7 eyes
Quote: Originally Posted by YoroiChuu How do you feel about armpit hair on a women? Just had a flashback of this crust punk chick who went to my school and smelled horrid
05 outback. 35% tints. Thule ski rack. Sony Xplod deck (mostly bought for ipod/aux adapter).
I listen to this on a pair of Sony MDR-V700s when I can't sleep Datsik- Jenova Project Saw Skrillex @ Webster Hall last month, though I don't consider him dubstep. Lots of fun though.
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