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Quote: Originally Posted by flyguy7 I really don't care about any of this but whats up with step 4? +1. I am completely lost. What does the salt do?
Must resist posting embarassing pics of wearing sb dunks to junior prom...
I've seen this jacket posted on this forum before as a suggestion. I've no personal experience nor do I own a motorcycle (yet. MSF course this summer, here I come) but it doesn't look hideous and is available with CE armor. Seriously considering getting one myself once I pass the MSF course. Every other armored jacket I know of looks like power ranger steeze.
+1 on the MOMA on friday nights. Cute art school chicks galore.
The halal cart on 53rd and 6th. Quality has declined a bit but it's still worth it. Pro tip: Go across the street. Same owners. No line. Get a combo platter (chicken + lamb). A little bit of hot sauce goes a long way unless you really like spicy food. Some people drench the entire platter in white sauce but refrain from putting too much. I always stop by Strand Books whenever I'm in Union Square. Usually end up leaving with a book. My go-to drunk/high munchies:...
Shit I don't actually have: TOJ Minimalist Black Calf DR, Some sort of merino wool white t shirt, Iron Heart 9301 Slim Super Black, MJK bamboo underwear, merino wool socks, Black Cromexel steel toe Doc Marten 8 eyes. Shit I do actually have: white muji v neck, APC PS, Doc Marten 7 eyes
Quote: Originally Posted by YoroiChuu How do you feel about armpit hair on a women? Just had a flashback of this crust punk chick who went to my school and smelled horrid
05 outback. 35% tints. Thule ski rack. Sony Xplod deck (mostly bought for ipod/aux adapter).
I listen to this on a pair of Sony MDR-V700s when I can't sleep Datsik- Jenova Project Saw Skrillex @ Webster Hall last month, though I don't consider him dubstep. Lots of fun though.
Anyone have experience with April 77 Joeys? In particular the warsaw raw black coated ones. Similar in finish to Acne or Nudie coated denim? Any b&m stores in NYC to feel the texture in person? Also, I'm a true 28 inch waist, size 25 in APC PS. Go TTS with them if I can't try them on in a store?
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