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My APC Petit Standards have a 16cm leg opening. They're a size 25 and fit similarly to DH 17.5cm in 27. I don't find the leg opening to be too small but I have tiny calves though so take that with a grain of salt.
Colabear you look a lot like my dad before he lost weight. Are you Filipino?
Mission Workshop Chrome
Classic Cut sizes: 32-42 Straight Cut sizes: 30-38 This is the most 'murican thing I've seen all day
Screw on studs are a bitch. I couldn't ream a hole big enough so I had to use a Dremel. For anyone considering studs, save yourself the trouble and get the push-pin type.
Machine washing a 100% viscose tank hoping it will shrink just a tad: good or bad idea?
Fit pics? Do they feel more like the other Outlier fabrics or more like real jeans?
Where can I find cheap tall oversized drape-y rayon/viscose wide neck tanks and t shirts? Even the sketchy Korean sites don't have exactly what I want
Bought some cheap leopard print pants. Dyed them black. I regret nothing.
Finally saw it yesterday. Worth the wait seeing it in IMAX in Lincoln Square, sitting dead center with less than 20 other patrons in the theater. Also helped that I went by myself. Although Caine had very little screentime, every time he talked I wanted to cry
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