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It is by far the most well made jacket I have ever put on. There is one complaint has no vents. What's up with that? $4 by the way
I can't find my wallet. At best I left it in my dad's car last night when he picked me up from the train station. At worst I left it on the train and will never see it again.
My APC Petit Standards have a 16cm leg opening. They're a size 25 and fit similarly to DH 17.5cm in 27. I don't find the leg opening to be too small but I have tiny calves though so take that with a grain of salt.
Colabear you look a lot like my dad before he lost weight. Are you Filipino?
Mission Workshop Chrome
Classic Cut sizes: 32-42 Straight Cut sizes: 30-38 This is the most 'murican thing I've seen all day
Screw on studs are a bitch. I couldn't ream a hole big enough so I had to use a Dremel. For anyone considering studs, save yourself the trouble and get the push-pin type.
Machine washing a 100% viscose tank hoping it will shrink just a tad: good or bad idea?
Fit pics? Do they feel more like the other Outlier fabrics or more like real jeans?
Where can I find cheap tall oversized drape-y rayon/viscose wide neck tanks and t shirts? Even the sketchy Korean sites don't have exactly what I want
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