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It's been 3 years, figured I'd post an update. APC Petit Standards. 3 repairs. I really need new jeans...
Size up one, all I need for festival season
Rubber heel came off my side zip while I was dancing last night. It was my first time wearing it too. I can't find the heel. Is it worth it to have a cobbler put a new one on?
Had no idea what I was getting myself into when I offered to proxy the boots... If I haven't replied to you yet, sorry. I fulfilled half of my requests so far. Tomorrow I start shipping (as soon as people start paypaling me and sending me their addresses) and picking up the next batch. No more requests please. Also I was informed that the boots originally came in boxes. My local mall has them on clip on hangers so don't expect a MMM box. Before and after some black...
They were all marked down to $30. When I looked at the price tags there was no indication that they were ever marked down to $99. Just the $299 price tag with a $30 sticker over it. If anyone wants a proxy let me know, I'll be stopping by tomorrow EDIT: Wow, a lot of you hit me up for black in 42/43. Hope there is enough for all of you, sorry in advance if there isn't. EDIT 2: Jesus Christ, I hope there's not a limit for how many boots you can buy
Just bought a pair of black sidezips. Can't complain for $30. For any Long Islanders interested, there are a ton of side zips (especially the white ones) in all sizes at Roosevelt Field mall.
This is the douchiest thing I've seen in a long time.
American Apparel Sheer Jersey Loose Crew Summer T-Shirts for $12.25 shipped on eBay ASOS scoop necks feel a bit too short on me. I'm 5'7" and have a few in XS. The sleeves are especially short, they look like cap sleeves you'd find on women's shirts. I'll post a pic/measurements when I can.
Yeah, I was that asshole this weekend. Went to a rave on friday and was surprised that I was the only Psy, especially considering how many Asians were there.
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