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Just ordered a pair of the Slim Taper modifying it a bit to fit more like my beloved APC Petit Standards. Hopefully it's not a disaster.
I'll be there. Probably show up, ogle some JP Marcellino bags I can't afford, pick up a lapel flower or two from Kent Wang if he has some because I keep losing them, awkwardly not talk to anyone, smoke a cigarette, then quietly leave.
Can anyone with the mountain parka tell me how water repellent it is? Considering picking one up, perhaps coating it with Scotchgard or Nikwax. I need a jacket for when it rains and don't want something from REI, etc.
just picked these up because I wanted something all white but now the weird texture is starting to bother me (can't really see it in this pic) and i kinda of want something with a gum sole instead. Does anyone more versed in sneakers know if a Dunk exists that fits this criteria?
I had that SNK809 modded by Yobokies. Except mine had the 3 numeral and the date window was at 4 o clock. I paid $120ish? I forget, it was a few years ago. Was great until I fell off my BMX bike and broke it beyond repair. I wonder if he does PVD coating. I kind of want one again in black...
Gave new life to an old Hanes crewneck
I shoe goo the heels of all my sneakers (especially the ones I ride BMX in because my shoes double as my brakes). But I just don't wear these that much, only at raves really
I crumpled/balled them up with rubberbands and put them in a bucket of dye or bleach/water for only a few minutes. I then let them hang dry before giving them in a go in the washing machine.Had a really old pair of Converse Dr Jays that were originally red/white/blue. Spray painted them gold like 5 years ago. Wore them to concerts and whatnot. They didn't flake all that much until recently. So when they finally started to look cruddy I sanded them down, rubbed them with...
Going to Camp Bisco next month. Thought I'd do some tie dye. Old t shirts + bleach Old t shirts + black rit dye
PSA: Spend the extra dollar on Dylon instead of Rit dye for brighter colors and blacker blacks (I still have a thing for the really dark purple/blue that you get when you half ass dye something with black Rit though).
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