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Borelli, as Michael Ay329 said, I think you might find renting a car more hassle than it's worth, especially if you are not accustomed to driving on the correct side of the road. You can take CityJet from major Dutch cities to City airport (although the weekend schedules may not be particularly convenient). Then, you can just hop on the DLR/Tube to get to Euston station and take the train up to NH. The train ride is pleasant enough and hassle free. You can take a taxi...
I would submit that it is the ONLY way to do it. I just find it difficult to envisage how the necessary adjustments can be communicated over the telephone and email, even with photo attachments. The adjustments that I needed involved changes to the lasts as well as minor changes to the pattern: I just can't imagine how that could have been communicated and interpreted over emails or phone calls. At the very least, the exercise will minimise the chances of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Borrelli I'm currently talking to Springline about a date for measurements, hope to go there before the end of this month. I think I'll rent a car from one of the London airports, will be much easier to get around. I'll probably visit some of the factory shops while I'm there. Michael, can I ask how long it took for the lasts to be made? Take whatever lead time that Spring Line tells you and double it. I...
So, vox, do you wear knickers like Grant did?
Very handsome shoes. Does this mean that his long wait list is now history?
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar They charged me an arm and a leg for it... I'm talking about the Golden bale ...They got it for a certain amount and did apply a massive surcharge on top of it... It is true that I wouldn't have been able to buy it at their trade prices but with the surcharge on top , it is becoming quite a bad deal. I also like Manton love to stock some fabrics to use later on especially the golden bale with no stock...
Quote: Originally Posted by onix You never know if 8 years later they will be Miss America Even if they became Miss Mitteleuropa, I still wouldn't wear them. They make my wellies look frighteningly graceful.
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos (aside from clearly having been hit by the ugly bus) There's something to be said about consistency. I knew a guy who ALWAYS hit on the ugliest girl at the party. He explained to me the reason once, but I cannot remember what it was.
Oh dear.
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