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I think maybe we should float the idea of mimicking the 7oz woodhouse fresco if you really want to go for something new
Getting minnis to do a custom run for patterned fresco is extremely difficult, they stated that the minimum order was several hundred or a thousand meters, essentially a commercial volume order. Perhaps someone with a relationship could convince them otherwise. We could also approach lovat mill or another mill that produces high twist cloths.
Mac +1
IMHO that huntsman cloth is hideous
Yesterday was brutal, my shirt was a quilted quicker picker upperMy cacciopolli linen trousers did not fade after washing, and actually settled down and became softer
I was just kidding, they kick ass
Have you tried calling?
Derm, those boots are very ugly, what were you thinking?
Diework, dont wanna flood your inbox, but thanks for organizing the slewfoot fresco v2.0
^ Yes, minnis upped the minimum for something such as a nailhead or POW. I think there is room for a good cream/tan fresco, wheat is not exactly the most beautiful color.
New Posts  All Forums: