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No flap, now go order it
Yea absolutely, if I ever come across a length of some grey cb for lesser I'll be sure to get it for you
Franks the man, I hope he's around for decades to come
If I knew you wanted it, I wouldn't have taken it
Yea great odd trousers. I like fox's light grey flannel better though, it's foggier
I think minnis 300 flannel is the lightest i'd go. 546 fresco isn't the right shade of any color for a suit, "bone" is really the best word for it, good for business cards
4: a dark grey DB, dark grey sb, light-mid grey sb, 0511 fresco sb
I recently had the same issue with finding a mid grey twill in heavier weights. I almost ordered one from the pb universal book, but frank directed me to a length of heavyweight cb for lessers he had in the shop that's just been sitting there. So far it is excellent, but I will most likely order a suit in the pb universal in the near future.
PB Universal is the only book I know of that has a heavier weight mid-grey twill. There is also Dugdale, but thats a bit lighter at 13/14oz, have you considered a mid-grey fox flannel?
I never understood the point of a 15oz fresco
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