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London Lounge is doing a subscription for a tan camel herringbone, but it is lambswool. I don't know the weight, but being the LL I'm sure its up there
It's 90% marketing, 10% real life difference, the regular stuff is good enough
So how about that raiders game
Your paying for more expensive threads and finishing, if I remember correctly foo said he made up a suit in lumbs gb and liked it a lot. Personally, if I wanted a 13oz suiting, I'd look at smiths botany book or lessers 13, both great especially the smiths
I just received MTO that took 3 weeks from order to delivery
I remember they did the blue agnelli as a flannel and the grey as tweed. The grey one was very nice, I passed up on a good one.
Did Lovat do the LL Agnelli tweed?
No flap, now go order it
Yea absolutely, if I ever come across a length of some grey cb for lesser I'll be sure to get it for you
Franks the man, I hope he's around for decades to come
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