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I mean when buying from a merchant instead of the actual mill. I am not familiar with john englands stock linen specifications so I can't comment on how it tailors.
Compared to what else is out there, 60gbp/m for single width linen is not expensive by any means, scabal's is easily double the price and definitely not double the quality, I think if you're going the bespoke route, to skimp out on the fabric over a difference of 20 or 30 gbp/m is not worth it. I can personally attest to wbill's linen quality, it tailors into a great garment. For something softer, I would opt for cacciopolli's italian linen, it is different than wbill's,...
I have a jacket made from scabal's "pure linen" book, its a great cloth, but at half width it is extremely expensive, and an italian tailor will be able to source it at a lower price.WBill and Cacciopolli exist for a reason, I would not try to circumvent them when you won't be able to tell whether the stuff sold direct is made to the same specifications. Wbill and cacciopollis offerings are good the way they are, and are priced modestly, especially through tailors that...
Considering both are half width its very possible however, LL's linen prices make the choice much easier for those considering the two. I still think wbills linens are the best, the italian linen is more flowy and soft whereas the irish is quite a bit stiffer. I have both and love both.
WBill for irish linen, cacciopolli for italian linen
If u order through ercoles they get a hookup on lesser which makes the prices almost the same
^ this is true of the barleycorn which molloy quoted me at 2 different prices, first the stock price, then once LL got wind of my pending purchase, the LL price
I can attest to the annoyance in coordinating a group cloth purchase, but most of the LL cloths are not available outside of the LL subscriptions unless you can organize another group buy. I think their shetlands and hopsacks are very nice cloth and worth the upcharge since you can't really find them elsewhere, but the Fox flannel stuff kind of irritates me as Fox did not sell its flannel at 100gbp/m before Alden came around, and the designs were all in Fox's vintage...
The cost for CMT trousers have gone up, I would call frank to get an exact quote
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