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P2 it is, went with dainite soles on this one, first time getting them, hopefully won't disappoint
Thinking of ordering a theresianer in bordeaux shell, trying to decide between P2 & 3636. Sole will be dainite or leather, what do you guys think?
The wingtips help reduce the major rolls formed in shell captoes and plain toes, very nice pair enjoy them
^ Thats a good one, but the brown & crimson one is better
Those are beautiful, also great in bordeaux shell
Shame theres nothing left in cigar
I have a gunclub from the old worsted alsport book, love it
I'm sure it'll hold up just fine, i think it just lacks the finishing of the lesser and smiths, other than that it seems pretty sturdy
I was actually asking about dugdale recently on this thread, I haven't used it, but have been thinking about it. The lesser and smiths are better, but they don't have as wide of a range of greys as the dugdale
Personally, I wouldn't get it as a blazersuit, it's a classic grey, just get a simple suit with flaps or besom pockets
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