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don't waste your money on LL linen, go with wbill, just as good, plenty of colors to choose from, rumples well
Wow hope procedure went well, at least the weight loss is a plus. Definitely post pics of the suit once it completed.
Nice, whos cutting and sewing?
I think a very light blue end on end would instantly improve that look
I have the heavier minnis made as odd trousers and they are by far my favorite pair, but would imagine the lighter weight works better as a suit, although I'm tempted to make up a 17oz flannel DB just cause the cloth is so substantial
Looks like minnis 301 mid grey, also available in heavier weight 317
If my memory serves me correctly, they wanted 1000m minimum for a patterned fresco. Perhaps things have changed, I haven't bothered to check back. Hopefully can get this flannel project off the ground soon.
Minnis requires a commercial size minimum order for patterned frescos, if you recall I attempted this project a while back to no avail.
I'm pretty happy with the shade, just waiting for a few other samples and then will make a final decision and proceed with collecting subscriber information
Mens warehouse wants to buy AE, should be an interesting defensive strategy
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