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Prince's tweed is beautiful, the only reason why I passed up on it is because its was well beyond the standard LL pricing
Hop on a train to NYC next time rubinacci is in town, they do a great DB
Wait till fedex sends you the bill...you're gonna be on the phone with half-a-dozen agents again
I was in talks with them recently for another cloth in that book, but they assured me the navy hopsack was available, but that was the only hopsack available, they/I could be mistaken, best bet would be to have your tailor check for you, or just check yourself.
Either smiths steadfast hopsack or hlesser 16oz navy hopsack, the lesser one is really nice
Not a bad pair, theyre cordovan boots that have been worn HARD, ive heard from others that their vibram soles came off as well, but the soles on mine were so worn it was time for a new one
Vibram is glued, mine actually just came off on one pair, need to go to nick at vip to have new ones put on
Thats a nice suit
In southeast asian humidity, all bets are off
Theres always going to be a point where your suit is going to be too hot regardless of the fabric. That being said, the 8/9oz fresco wear much cooler than the 10oz stuff, but still, in very humid weather you'll prob have to take your jacket off, so the weight isn't that important at that point.
New Posts  All Forums: