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Foo, what is your verdict on the alden patent plain toe as I need a pair of correct formal shoes, and they seem to be the most affordable goodyear welted that look good
I ain't seen nothing since I stepped on that landmine in vietnam
^ very nice jacket holdfast, what are the details on the fabric?
As long as you're tying a FIH knot and the tie comes down to your waistband area, I think you should be fine
Must tell you, I ordered a pair of balmoral boots last september 2010 from mr. roberts, he finished the pair in may but he made a mistake in the styling of the boots so he agreed to redo the boots and come this september, a year later, he made the exact same mistake again! He even told me how he changed the pattern and all this nonsense, but for whatever reason the boots came out the exact same way. What's worse is he offered a full refund and now 3 months later I'm still...
I thInk vicuna is a bit excessive, i guess if you can afford it
^ Sounds good, I prefer the DB look actually. I was reading something on LL about a heavier camel fabric, don't know if they ever turned it into a subscription though
Alright then thank you for the help, just one last thing, would you take a cashmere in a camel color over 100% camel or just stick with the camel?
Yea thats true, as long as snow fall on the coat won't ruin it like cashmere, I'm cool with it
I heard that a wool/camel blend would hold up better than 100% camel, and definitely better than cashmere, does minnis or anyone else you know of carry the blend?
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