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I would but I don't wear braces with suits as almost all of mine have belt loops with the exception of a DB and a 3-piece both of which I haven't received yet. Hypothetically if I were to get a 2nd which would you recommend as a classic equivalent of a navy suit
[[SPOILER]] Thanks I was leaning towards the ivory barathea as well, get them from Albert Thurston direct or ASW?
Looks like I came to the right gentlemen, I was thinking of getting tix to swan lake in June but single tickets don't go on sale till april unless you get a 4-show subscription which actually includes giselle. Do you think I could buy the subscription and flip the other 2 shows, they're the bright stream and onegin, or do you recommend going to them over swan lake and giselle
Which Albert Thurston braces? White Moire with Brass White Moire with Nickel Ivory Barathea with Nickel DJ is Midnight Blue
Can anyone with experience recommend a good ballet or performance at the met? Also, is it required to purchase a subscription in order to get tickets earlier? I have no experience or knowledge so any advice or help would be appreciated, thanks.
Yes my only concern with the asw is rubber heel and the piping on the vamp, not exactly a classic looking formal shoes. I figured the alden was well made and traditionally simple, without entering into vass/eg/jl prices
Foo, what is your verdict on the alden patent plain toe as I need a pair of correct formal shoes, and they seem to be the most affordable goodyear welted that look good
I ain't seen nothing since I stepped on that landmine in vietnam
^ very nice jacket holdfast, what are the details on the fabric?
As long as you're tying a FIH knot and the tie comes down to your waistband area, I think you should be fine
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