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Believe it or not, i cant find a classic db trench at an affordable price anywhere in ny, kinda ironic cause it rains here everyday
Thank you for the help & info
Getting a pair of vass high boots made up with vibram sole to use in foul weather, would a goyser welt help seal the welt?
Ah missed it this year, definitely some nice stuff there
Americana car show?
Want to order a few shell shoes from vass, was thinking cigar shell old english on F with metal toe taps and whiskey NST on F without taps, anybody recommend adding or removing taps from either pair? Also was thinking to get oxblood calf old english II on f but heard bordeaux shell could develop a darker patina over time and could look more like an oxblood, good idea or just still with the calf?
Are plain black wholecuts acceptable? I just think patent leather looks cheap, and pumps dont look masculine
Polished up punch caps not good enough? Personally not a fan of studs, but if you have to what about something in plain silver like this (Not necessarily the knot)
Yes I have actually, I'm not saying you have to convince them to do anything, I'm just saying its possible. Personally I'm trying to sway the OP to go with something more classic, but if he wants TF, he wants TF.Let me rephrase, his suits are not soft tailored
Just to show the OP that with bespoke you could get FU lapels should you choose to, not that I endorse the idea, but almost anythings possible with bespoke
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