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Very cool, definitely has it's uses, I cant imagine pulling my money out of my tie at a party Quote: Originally Posted by davesmith More details in spoiler... [[SPOILER]]
I'm down for either the ravello cap toe boot or the cigar cap toe boot
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar It is a nice suit but I did pick up my Cifo after 6 fittings and the suit is sharper ... Different suits ,different moods... I'm a structured guy and that's most likely the reason why I prefer structured silhouette. Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley All my flannel suits, save one, are 6x2 DBs. Imo, they look best that way. Yea I guess I'll go for DB and save the...
NY, spring year round
Quote: Originally Posted by Achilles_ Will it be the same exact cloth? Yea h&s legend flannel
Thx for the tip, btw I ended up getting the double stitch on the linen sport jacket per your rec, came out great, but Rubinacci made a few errors on other parts of the jacket so I gotta have it remade when he's back in town
Does flannel work better as a single or double breast? I have a pair of charcoal flannel trousers that I wouldn't mind having a jacket made for, was thinking to go DB. How do flannels work as 3-piece suits?
Who knows, my only option is to pay
Use regular post, not fedex or ups, and declare the value as $100, no duty problems
Yea EMS is great, but Fedex is one of the five families
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