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Drops on everything
Just pulled the trigger on the optimo, spoke to a guy name Graham, I believe he's the owner, walked me through a fitting over the phone, we'll see how it turns out in a month
I'm looking for a straw hat for the summer and found these two, which one would you go for? Milan Straw Hat from Optimo Manuel Sisal Straw Hat from JJ Hats Can anybody recommend a straw hat?
Zibetto on 56th & 6th, best espresso in nyc no question about it
I like alden's chukkas and indy boot, but I recently saw their cap toe in cigar shell and wow it is beautiful:
How bout a nice pair of brown dress boots
I'd rather go with the Gommino Driver, don't know if that site's loafers are real, for that price, I just don't believe their FAQ page
Quote: Originally Posted by Concordia What are the shirts like that Mina comes up with through NSM? The collar roll are her shirts are amazing, i wear mine without collar stays and it rolls nicely, I think its due to the shape of her collar that she refers to as "neapolitan collar"
I wish there was a way to get Anna m shirts without going to Naples, she said I could send her a shirt that fits well and she'll work off of that, but then I don't know how the first fitting would be assessed. Someone has to convince her to come to NYC
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley 800 euros a pop, right? Ridiculous. Yea can't quite afford that yet, don't thinks it's even worth it if I could. I would double up on Anna m shirts instead and have more shirts that are just as well made.
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