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I'm patient
Buy one of mine instead
SOLD Salvatore Ferragamo Anthony Drivers SOLD Classically styled, soles are in excellent condition, leather has been kept supple and nourished with saphir cream treatments Size: 10.5D Material: Pebble Grain Calf Leather & Metal Ferragamo Buckle Ships with original box and shoe bags
Tom Ford Silk Necktie - SOLD Brand New Without Tags, Never Worn Pattern: Brown/Burgundy & Pink Cream Houndstooth Material: 100% Thick Silk Construction: 3-Fold Lined & Self-Tipped Measurements: Length: 62.5" - 63" Width: 3.75" Ties a fantastic, thick double four-in-hand knot, looks great with a spread or cutaway collar Tags are not marked or cut in any way
Great fabric and FULL CANVAS CONSTRUCTION Suit is in MINT condition, worn only 1 - 2 times, kept in a garment bag and has never been dry cleaned Jacket Details: 2-Button Conservative Cut, Classic Notch Lapel, Hacking Pockets, Ticket Pocket, Functional Cuffs, Brown Mother of Pearl Buttons, 5 Buttons on Sleeve a la Tom Ford, 4 Internal Pockets, and Double Vents Trouser Details: Flat front, NO CUFFS, Traditional Pockets, Side Tabs, 1 Rear Pocket Fabric Details: Light Tan...
New K-Last, whats all that about???
Very nice, what are those?
Glad to see it is being put to good use in a good home
.. It was worth a shot
NSM is going to be completely unpadded neapolitan shoulder, and she does it very well, I really think you should order one garment and see how it turns out, her next visit to nyc is in october i think
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