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So essentially pants with button tabs or buckle tabs have been made by Neapolitan tailors for 3 pieces. I just saw pants with loops so I was a bit confused, I guess 2 pairs could always be made so you have the option
What's the "neapolitan standard" for 3-piece suits, I know you rarely see them wear one, but i've seen trousers with belt loops rather than side tabs? Doesn't a belt with a 3-piece just look at little off?
I saw alden's cap toe boot in cigar and thought I'd replicate it with vass. I was trying to imagine what it would look like in whiskey instead of cigar
Thinking of getting a theresianer boot on the f-last in either cigar or whiskey shell with a vibram sole, which color would you say?
I wouldn't worry about creasing, if you know ur fit on the u last just pull the trigger, I'm guessing ur goin with the old english in oxblood?
Get medallion
Quote: Originally Posted by rsuhandy Awesome Does anyone have a preference for bordeaux over oxblood, or vice versa, for color? Oxblood without a doubt
Quote: Originally Posted by rsuhandy Hmm I love that color but I already have a pair of lobbs that are similar in color. I'm really looking for burgundy shoes/oxblood but am seeking advice on which of the two vass colors look better. Neither color looks "better", I have the Budapest Oxford on the u last in antique cognac and the Old English boot on the u last in oxblood, both colors are spectacular. If you don't have any shades of brown in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley Third option: send them to your local cleaners at $3 a pop. They're just shirts and life will go on. +1
2 1/4 inch brim is what he suggested as a classic look
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