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Very nice, what are those?
Glad to see it is being put to good use in a good home
.. It was worth a shot
NSM is going to be completely unpadded neapolitan shoulder, and she does it very well, I really think you should order one garment and see how it turns out, her next visit to nyc is in october i think
During fall/winter she came more often but once every 2-3 months is still more often than Mahon. As for using different tailors for different styles, i dont see any real benefit as they both do a great job on sb and db
From my personal experience, Mahon will take roughly a year to deliver a finished suit for a first time customer, and that is if your first fitting goes well. NSM on the other hand got me a suit in 3 months from order to finish. Mahon does make an amazing DB from what I saw, but he is more expensive than Mina. NSM also gives you access to shirts and cappelli ties, and Mina's really nice to deal with. That being said, the only way to know if a tailors particular style suits...
fantastic looking forward to it
Any updates on this being released?
Update from Eva via E-Mail: Me: "Hello Eva, Although I love your shoes, I regret that I will not be placing any more orders with you due to your shipping methods. In addition to your $100 shipping charge, I have received a $300 bill from Fedex for duties which have been assessed at 37% of the declared value. Not only is $300 in duties for one pair of shoes quite ridiculous, the receiving of such invoices from couriers is disrespectful and quite unprofessional, especially...
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