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Yes I have actually, I'm not saying you have to convince them to do anything, I'm just saying its possible. Personally I'm trying to sway the OP to go with something more classic, but if he wants TF, he wants TF.Let me rephrase, his suits are not soft tailored
Just to show the OP that with bespoke you could get FU lapels should you choose to, not that I endorse the idea, but almost anythings possible with bespoke
I didn't mention Rubinacci as a substitute for Tom Ford's style, but rather a superior replacement. TF suits are heavily padded, have extra wide peak lapels, large pocket flaps and 5 buttons on the sleeves, definitely not something timeless. I think spending 7K on something that will go in and out of style is a complete waste of money. If you could get something of much better quality and fit from a bespoke tailor at a lower cost, I don't see any point of paying full...
And what exactly is a TF suit?
Don't waste a dime on MTM Tom Ford, you could get a bespoke Rubinacci handmade in naples for that cash, which would be much better styled and of much better quality Depending on how much time you have available, if you're willing to pay $7000 for a MTM Tom Ford Suit, you can surely go bespoke for much less and save $$$ while also getting a much longer lasting timeless garment If time is an issue, I would go with a local rather than traveling tailor, have heard good...
Not long for a 38R at all
I would try out thick as thieves mtm, great suit, less than $500 last time i checked
Someone needs to pull the trigger
You must learn to love them, at least navy, its a classic color that looks good with almost everything, as for a ps, definitely make your first one a crisp white linen
First swap out the shirt for a white one and keep the tie and see how much the look improves, then swap out the tie with a solid reppe in navy or burgundy and see it look even better, then put a nice crisp white linen pocket square and watch your transformation, you will then see why the look isn't as good as you perceive it to be
New Posts  All Forums: