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Belt helps anchor the suit, I don't know it's a visual thing
What about getting a three piece made with pants that have belt loops, but having the vest made long enough to cover the loops? That way you can wear the suit without the vest but with a belt
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria If I remember correctly, that's a 10oz black and white nailhead: - B Gorgeous, perfect surface texture for a mid-grey suit
Which fabric is this? Is this considered pick and pick, birdseye or nailhead?
Quote: Originally Posted by Achillus Can someone tell me the name of this guy, some shop owner from Italie if i'm correct. Lino Ieluzzi, owner of al bazar
Quote: Originally Posted by hatguy I also hope to order a Hober soon and would appreciate advice on how tie width is chosen--I wasn't able to find any information. Are there [somewhat objective] guides to best determine tie width? How do you guys choose your tie width? Thanks, Wide lapel, wider tie, narrow lapel, narrower tie, it's all about proportion, I would go with 3.5", not too wide, not too narrow, makes a nice knot
I tried that the first time, got non-stop calls from collection agencies
Very cool, definitely has it's uses, I cant imagine pulling my money out of my tie at a party Quote: Originally Posted by davesmith More details in spoiler... [[SPOILER]]
I'm down for either the ravello cap toe boot or the cigar cap toe boot
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar It is a nice suit but I did pick up my Cifo after 6 fittings and the suit is sharper ... Different suits ,different moods... I'm a structured guy and that's most likely the reason why I prefer structured silhouette. Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley All my flannel suits, save one, are 6x2 DBs. Imo, they look best that way. Yea I guess I'll go for DB and save the...
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