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Anyone have a DJ in the midnight blue barathea from lesser? Does it wear too hot indoors at a party? Can anyone recommend a lighter wearing midnight blue?
^ Can't agree with that, especially if its a cashmere glen plaid
Fire d'antoni
^ great suggestions
^ I would go with forest cashmere, garza fina, reppe, all three are different and awsome in their own way
Hasn't been revealed yet, but it is supposed to be an Apple brand TV with the ability to stream content that you subscribe to. The idea behind it is that we don't watch 90% of the channels we have access to with our current providers, and even within those channels that we do watch, we only watch a few specific shows or programs. So with the iTV, you can effectively choose what you are subscribed to and have it stored in the cloud, but this is all speculation, we won't...
Just wait for the iTV that will be released later this year
Yea cashmere ties usually don't require tipping, they already have enough heft, all they need is a single FIH and you're good to go
^ Damn I should have ordered that one in my last order, looks great
If you live in the US, order Vass through a proxy such as kolecho, it will save you the ambiguous duties bill from fedex
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