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How does the suede hold up in snow? Or is that just a misconception?
[[SPOILER]] Diggin it, whos the maker of the jacket and tie?
[[SPOILER]] Very nice, just received that tie today, beautifully made
That overlap is for fitting purposes, the finished jacket does not have that overlap
New seller system lets you bump every seven days
Solid dark grey should be pretty easy to match in both ways, you could go with a gun club check like this: [[SPOILER]] Or a salt & pepper tweed like this: [[SPOILER]] I can't find any pictures, but a light blue or wheat/camel tweed would look great too, I'm just not a fan of big checks, maybe a navy with a subtle windowpane, but that's it
Wow, i had no idea
I take it this has already been discussed in great length?
What color/pattern are the pants you're trying to match?
What is your take on the chambray? Overrated or truely great?
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