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Does Ercoles do a spalla camica? What is his "house style"?
Ah damn, you gotta hide these things! I suggest getting a storage container under a bridge like in Lord of War, just hope she never finds it
How dare you sell Hober's midnight challis, you should be wearing it everyday!
I bought mine direct from valmour with all the mdo polishes, creams, brushes and stuff, but this was before all these online guys started carrying saphir. Its a fantastic cleaner, and i prefer it to renovateur for cleaning, but renovateur is great for shell
Do you know how it compares to minnis and harrisons? Is it 100% camel or a blend?
^ Yes if the camel gets enough subscribers I will definitely go with it, but the everest 1kg cashmere is just too heavy and the color too boring for me to commit to
450 gbp/meter, insane i know, but in all honesty if they put the LL camel overcoating fabric into production, I think I would go with that. I was just wondering how 1000g cashmere fabric would work as an overcoat
Okc can make it to the finals
Can anyone here offer their opinion on the london lounge everest cashmere, it is a 36 oz (1000g) overcoating fabric that is currently only offered in navy blue.
Crowd should start chanting "We want Clyde!" No 1 guard to distribute and run plays leads to melo chucking up shots. Amare not playing aggressive makes me feel like hes a waste of $$$. No cohesion = No playoffs
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