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Hopefully will get it made up for next fall/winter, thinking about doing it as a DB
I would def go with a dark navy or midnight grenadine in either weave, and maybe a charcoal reppe, however I would request samples before buying anything so you can see the colors in person
Some nice colors, but the lapels are too effin wide, especially as a notch, and those tuxes are scary
I sent him pictures of a pair he made from the "my balmoral boots" thread and told him to copy them, first pair had "incomplete" brogueing along the throat that just stopped before reaching the balmoral line, leaving a gap that just looked strange, then after noting the error and telling me he was going to change the pattern, the second pair turned out to have the same problem. His lack of communication, my wait of more than a year without a positive outcome, and the lack...
[[SPOILER]] AFB Flannel has officially been added to the list
Depends on how much you want/can spend, I would go to naples, I've heard good things about anna matuozzo, but she is pricey, maybe others can comment on her shirts firsthand
I can't find a cream/off-white silk ps anywhere
Why did you make 80 shirts when none of them were right?
Yes and thats why I chose to use him back in september, guess it didnt work out
Back in September 2010, I placed an order for balmoral boots from Mr. Roberts with a 100 pound deposit. Come March 2011, he created the wrong pair of boots and offered to remake them, taking note to his mistake and reiterating his understanding of what I wanted. Then in Septemberr 2011 after numerous e-mails he responded that the closers still had the boots since the pair they made weren't "perfect" and he only accepted the best from his closers. Finally in October he said...
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