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Yea in my experience, Fedex and UPS are both equally ruthless, and equally qualify as rackets
Quote: Originally Posted by braised Forget the former package's classification, what is the classification of the current package and what did the sender declare as value? Classified at Leather Welted FTWR.MEN, W/OUTER SOLE LEAT Declared value as $690 HTSUS Rate is 37.5% giving me $258.75 + $25 fee & $1.45 processing fee gives a grand total of $283.75 I payed Vass $100 for shipping which is already crazy and they don't even take care of...
Fedex had the balls to offer to challenge it for me, for a fee of $75, basically negating the result of the challenge because it would add $75 to whatever they come up with, I'm just gonna pay it and go through kolecho in the future
Ordered a pair of vass ankle boots a while back and received a letter in the mail from fedex charging me almost $300 for duties. On a previous order from vass that had 2 shoes and a belt, I paid around $100, could this just be a mistake in classification? Fedex claims they can't "read" the previous delivery's classification and thus can't file a change. Any suggestions? Should I be a sucker and just pay it, do I even have a chance of it being reversed?
Alright cool, I'll prob opt for untipped instead of tipping since it makes the tie much lighter
Anybody have any lined but untipped grenadines? How do they hold up in the long run, any draping issues?
Are the two ties to the right of the check pattern tie satin, reppe, or wool?
What's the color and weave detail on those ^
What's the general consensus on grenadine garza grossa vs fina? Which looks better? Which is more classic? Formal?
Make it easier on yourself, stick to your word, splurge on all 3, midnight, burgundy, and bitter chocolate, the more the better
New Posts  All Forums: