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Does W. BIll mail samples or do we need to find a distributor out here?
Personally wouldn't go narrower than 8cm, but that tie is sweet
I think roping when done subtly looks great, although I only have 1 suit with a roped shoulder
Does Ercoles do a spalla camica? What is his "house style"?
Ah damn, you gotta hide these things! I suggest getting a storage container under a bridge like in Lord of War, just hope she never finds it
How dare you sell Hober's midnight challis, you should be wearing it everyday!
I bought mine direct from valmour with all the mdo polishes, creams, brushes and stuff, but this was before all these online guys started carrying saphir. Its a fantastic cleaner, and i prefer it to renovateur for cleaning, but renovateur is great for shell
Do you know how it compares to minnis and harrisons? Is it 100% camel or a blend?
^ Yes if the camel gets enough subscribers I will definitely go with it, but the everest 1kg cashmere is just too heavy and the color too boring for me to commit to
450 gbp/meter, insane i know, but in all honesty if they put the LL camel overcoating fabric into production, I think I would go with that. I was just wondering how 1000g cashmere fabric would work as an overcoat
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