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NSM, they do a great job
Yea was thinking to order it as a go-to trouser for the summer, pairs well with most colors don't you think?
Anyone have pictures of Linen #9247, color called rope, made up?
before opening package: after opening package:Spoo, nice suit
At least NY has one good team that knows how to get it done
Trying to buy tickets in advanced for Swan Lake at the met this summer, but it requires the purchase of 3 separate shows on 3 different dates. I am interested in Swan Lake on Sat. June 30th at 8PM, if 2 other people or 1 person looking for 2 different shows are willing to split the package and purchase tickets for a different date, we would be able to purchase them in advanced and get great seats. If anyone is interested, please PM. Thank you to poorsod for answering all...
Thank you, will give them a ring
Does W. BIll mail samples or do we need to find a distributor out here?
Personally wouldn't go narrower than 8cm, but that tie is sweet
I think roping when done subtly looks great, although I only have 1 suit with a roped shoulder
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