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I would try out thick as thieves mtm, great suit, less than $500 last time i checked
Someone needs to pull the trigger
You must learn to love them, at least navy, its a classic color that looks good with almost everything, as for a ps, definitely make your first one a crisp white linen
First swap out the shirt for a white one and keep the tie and see how much the look improves, then swap out the tie with a solid reppe in navy or burgundy and see it look even better, then put a nice crisp white linen pocket square and watch your transformation, you will then see why the look isn't as good as you perceive it to be
Looks great, thank you
cigar or dark brown shell? i've been looking to upgrade alden chukkas, but for some reason i think the boot needs p2
[[SPOILER]] Is that F or U, idk why I can't tell
P2 it is, do you guys size down from U?
Would you say f or p2 for theresianer boot with clunky vibram?
I would use saphir neutral, med brown, or dark brown depending on how light or dark you want the shoe to become over time Metal toe taps definitely help since the toe typically wears out quicker than the rest of the sole, but I don't have heel taps
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