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I paid in full after the shoes were finished, right before shipping
Why not? I ordered a shell pair a month ago
I think dark green is a great option
Unless you are being paid millions to play the joker, you should not be wearing a purple sport jacket, sorry. There are an infinite number of better options out there.
If you really want a herringbone, check out molloy and sons range of donegal herringbones, they're heavyweight, but nice. If those don't work for you, check out the alsport and worsted alsport books, along with the wbill shetland book. Even a nice brown windowpane with red or blue stripes is better than the purple HB and b&w houndstooth. Just keep it simple and go for something understated.
LS, please do not waste your money on a dark purple herringbone sport jacket. The two you have right now are great, although I can't really tell what color the shepherd check one is. If you really want a herringbone, go with a brown or grey, definitely not purple. Also, have you considered a full suit instead of adding more sport jackets? I don't know what your work/lifestyle requires, but a simple dark grey or navy suit are much better investments than the other...
Purple herringbone? B&W Houndstooth? LS, what do you already have in your closet?
Make the blue ones into jackets/suits not odd pants. The brown one I'd say can go either way.
^ would be great if he could get his hands on some cb for lessers or smiths at half
Is it legit goods?
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