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Different strokes, but Rubi does do a fantastic job on jackets, wish I could get out to naples so I could see some of the vintage cloth that never makes it stateside
Minnis 0631 or 0632 in the classics book, makes up a great 3-piece suit
Finally setup an appt with frank tomorrow in nyc, going to order a pair of trousers, probably in minnis 17oz mid-grey flannel 0317, hope it turns out as well as some of the stuff posted in this thread
I have an NST on the f-last, which apparently has a lower heel than oxfords causing a little slippage, any recommendations?
Fox flannel has a nice 14oz navy chalk stripe flannel, CBT5/A1797/55 You can request a sample here:
^ You forgot socks n boxers
^ is it going to be an LL cloth? If we could have it delivered in time to make up a summer suit or trousers I would be very interested
Is that irish or italian linen? Weight? Any chance of a light blue overcheck?
^ will definitely check them out next time they're in town, was looking to have this one made by nsm, have you heard anything about the LL Navy Mistral? Good point about the linen, never thought about that
Any recommendations for a navy hopsack, preferably 4-500g, to be used as a 3-patch sport jacket? Also trying to find a patterned linen, such as POW
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