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I couldn't resist
Help me choose summer loafer: Alden Suede Tassel Loafer...$450 new SW1 Sloop Water Buffalo...$550 new SW1 Sloop Dark Brown...$550 new SW1 Sloop Brown Suede...$550 new Vass Shell Penny Loafer F-Last...$8-900 i believe Any other recommendations, perhaps in navy suede?
^ 100% agree with that P2 looks amazing in person
Different strokes, but Rubi does do a fantastic job on jackets, wish I could get out to naples so I could see some of the vintage cloth that never makes it stateside
Minnis 0631 or 0632 in the classics book, makes up a great 3-piece suit
Finally setup an appt with frank tomorrow in nyc, going to order a pair of trousers, probably in minnis 17oz mid-grey flannel 0317, hope it turns out as well as some of the stuff posted in this thread
I have an NST on the f-last, which apparently has a lower heel than oxfords causing a little slippage, any recommendations?
Fox flannel has a nice 14oz navy chalk stripe flannel, CBT5/A1797/55 You can request a sample here: http://www.foxflannel.com/tailoringbunches.php
^ You forgot socks n boxers
^ is it going to be an LL cloth? If we could have it delivered in time to make up a summer suit or trousers I would be very interested
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