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Well with an answer like that its real obvious
whats the difference between spalla insellata & camica
Hello, I was speaking to Mr. Boehlke from ASW and he agreed to offer his Simonnot Godard pocket square for $60 shipped if we can get a group of at least 12 people who are interested. It is a crisp white corded linen square from France with hand-rolled edges and looks quite nice. The square measures 44cm (17") Whoever is interested, just reply below and I'll add you to the list. Payment will be arranged once we have at least 12 people, and you can always order more...
Wow it appears ive mistaken horn for plastic, sure doesnt feel like it though, guess I was expecting something more substantial
Just got a suit in the mail from Mr. Mahon, and a small detail is kind of off-putting, the buttons on the suit and sleeves appear to be plastic. Do we need to ask for MOP or horn buttons? Is it my fault for not requesting them? Anybody else have similar issues?
Diggin the POW, very nice
Believe it or not, i cant find a classic db trench at an affordable price anywhere in ny, kinda ironic cause it rains here everyday
Thank you for the help & info
Getting a pair of vass high boots made up with vibram sole to use in foul weather, would a goyser welt help seal the welt?
Ah missed it this year, definitely some nice stuff there
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