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I want to upgrade my black suit to a proper tux for black tie parties, but can't justify the expense of a bespoke one at this time so was thinking to get a mtm one from TaT, any other suggestions in the sub 1k range? I prefer a shawl db but understand that isnt going to happen at this price point, so I will just go with a classic sb shawl.
These are the fabled shoes that Fedex charged me an arm and a leg for duties, and unfortunately after all of the cost and headache, they don't fit me. Color: Oxblood Size: 42 Last: U Condition: Worn twice for a few hours, sole is in near perfect condition Will ship with trees, shoe bags, and box, however not with fedex Please feel free to PM questions, thanks.
^ Not a fan of the LHS, maybe its the last, just not appealing
I made them an offer they can't refuse
^ Yes exactly, that photo was taken the day they came in, after wearing for a few days the color is "uniform", also got a theresianer on P2 in dark brown shell and must say P2 is the most killer last, very underrated, once you see f and p2 in person you forget all about U, funny how that works out
Yes sir, unreal color in real life
I couldn't resist
Help me choose summer loafer: Alden Suede Tassel Loafer...$450 new SW1 Sloop Water Buffalo...$550 new SW1 Sloop Dark Brown...$550 new SW1 Sloop Brown Suede...$550 new Vass Shell Penny Loafer F-Last...$8-900 i believe Any other recommendations, perhaps in navy suede?
^ 100% agree with that P2 looks amazing in person
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