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Please help me choose: [[SPOILER]] Other suggestions?
Thinking about getting C&J wembley as black tie shoe, what do you guys think? Anybody like the ASW patent leather evening shoe:
I think you will have to, don't be afraid to share the wealth once you do. Have you seen LL brown houndstooth shetland?? Looks awsome
[[SPOILER]] Is that the black mohair or midnight blue?
Will check it out, thank you
^ For that price you can order a pair through vass and get a belt and still have enough money to pay fedex duty charges
Question, have a pair of shoes on the way that have rubber toe taps and want to have them replaced with metal toe taps, can anyone recommend a reliable cobbler in NYC whom they have experience with?
Sam Hober Bespoke Garza Grossa Grenadines The black, bitter chocolate, and burgundy are 3-fold, lined and tipped. The midnight blue and the grey/silver are 6-fold, lined and tipped. All ties are made without the label on the back and are in mint condition whether new or used. All ties have a widened knot point, to help make a nice knot, ideally tie them in a FIH or DFIH. 1. Black #7...SOLD Width: 3.5" Length: 62" 2. Midnight Blue #8, 6-Fold...SOLD Width:...
^ Depends on the fabric and lining, I find 6 fold grenadines too thick while a seven fold unlined tie makes a small yet elegant knot, matter of what you prefer. Width at the knotting point also makes a difference, I suggest asking David for his recommendation, he's more experienced and knowledgeable than most if not all of us
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