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^ Sounds good, I prefer the DB look actually. I was reading something on LL about a heavier camel fabric, don't know if they ever turned it into a subscription though
Alright then thank you for the help, just one last thing, would you take a cashmere in a camel color over 100% camel or just stick with the camel?
Yea thats true, as long as snow fall on the coat won't ruin it like cashmere, I'm cool with it
I heard that a wool/camel blend would hold up better than 100% camel, and definitely better than cashmere, does minnis or anyone else you know of carry the blend?
I think the look is quite refined, is a camel overcoat traditionally done as a single or DB?
Anybody have any experience with camel hair fabric? I was looking at minnis #2018, is camel robust enough for a nyc winter?
Hober's a helluva drug
So no snow angels?
How does the suede hold up in snow? Or is that just a misconception?
[[SPOILER]] Diggin it, whos the maker of the jacket and tie?
New Posts  All Forums: