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[[SPOILER]] Details on the gun club?
^^ is the light weight an issue? The pattern is beautiful, just wish it had some more weight. On another note, can anyone recommend a linen weaver, who will do a custom design on a single width loom?
Is that linen, if so where did you find it??
Received LL navy mistral today, what damn fantastic cloth, now have to choose the right tailor
What do you think of these? Ignore the fugly socks [[SPOILER]]
I hear you, but for whatever reason I feel like patent looks cheap especially once it creases. How do you even maintain patent? Rub with damp cloth?
Are calf plain toe oxfords with silk laces acceptable for black tie, or do they need to be patent at the very least?
I'm not a fan of patent or pumps but the asw formal shoes look ok imho. My only restraint with the wembley is the fact that for a little more, I could get a pair of vass which are much better made. However due to time constraints its either the c&j, alden or asw
Apologize for the confusion, they would definitely be black, best picture of the shoes I could find were brown
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