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Are calf plain toe oxfords with silk laces acceptable for black tie, or do they need to be patent at the very least?
I'm not a fan of patent or pumps but the asw formal shoes look ok imho. My only restraint with the wembley is the fact that for a little more, I could get a pair of vass which are much better made. However due to time constraints its either the c&j, alden or asw
Apologize for the confusion, they would definitely be black, best picture of the shoes I could find were brown
Please help me choose: [[SPOILER]] Other suggestions?
Thinking about getting C&J wembley as black tie shoe, what do you guys think? Anybody like the ASW patent leather evening shoe: http://store.asuitablewardrobe.net/patentleathereveningshoes.aspx
I think you will have to, don't be afraid to share the wealth once you do. Have you seen LL brown houndstooth shetland?? Looks awsome
[[SPOILER]] Is that the black mohair or midnight blue?
Will check it out, thank you
^ For that price you can order a pair through vass and get a belt and still have enough money to pay fedex duty charges
Question, have a pair of shoes on the way that have rubber toe taps and want to have them replaced with metal toe taps, can anyone recommend a reliable cobbler in NYC whom they have experience with?
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