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Is valentine the shirtmaker franks uses to make shirts for his clients?
Unfortunately, I still haven't had it made up. However, I am waiting to see how the navy mistral turns out, the raw fabric was quite impressive, as is the city gc@Slew - Would you say that the end result was worth all of the steps you outlined, as well as the headache that accompanied them?
Believe it or not, I have the city gun club, and it is beautiful, but I am looking for a slightly different color palette. Starting a cloth club on sf would be great, but I am definitely not qualified to organize it, however I would love to get this going, if at all possible. I remember slew creating a fresco in a shade of brown slightly different from that offered by minnis, perhaps he can comment on the process.
Yes I am looking for a tweed. The issue with italian fabrics for me is their lack of weight and british fabrics don't always have the color palette i am looking for, although both worlds do have tons of beautiful fabric. I am looking for something specific in this picture, and I realize that it may not be made up, but I just thought to see if anyone would be interested.
I know it will involve quite a bit of time and work, but I would love to have johnstons of elgin weave this gun club if we could get enough people interested. Anyone with experience in these matters care to comment? [[SPOILER]]
Both F and P2 fit great, I also found these, although they are clearly more F than P2:
Anyone have a picture of the "berkeley" oxford on the P2 last? I'm trying to gauge which vass last (F or P2) is closer to this:
^ Fantastic
Yea the lower heel cup on the derby causes slippage, an oxford may have worked, but just a half size too big, kills me cause the leather is unreal
I need someone to buy my wiskeys, every time i walk into my closet and see them, unworn, it just gets to me
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