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I have the swatch for 9437 on my desk, very nice shade. I'm thinking about 9438, but if I can find something with a better finish, i would go with it.
Thanks, I've been looking for a 14-15oz mid-grey twill, hard to find actually. I've been trying to get some samples of smiths steadfast, we'll see what happens.
Has anyone made up dugdale's town classics recently and can comment on how it turned out?
Aravenel, i have 516 as a blazer, it would look great as a suit as well. 579 is the old 516 navy in the original fresco book, also a great color, ever so slightly different than the current 516. I would also check out the navy finmeresco, also a great shade for a suit. The 520 is definitely a suit color, but it is more blue than navy, and personally think the older shade was nicer, as it is slightly different in the Fresco II book. I would also check out smiths...
Quality bespoke ties for sale All measurements are approximate. All ties are in pristine condition, please refer to the sam hober website or google images search for pictures, they will be better quality than anything I could possibly take. A1. Sam Hober Midnight Blue Pattern Challis Wool Tie #1...$60 3-fold, lined, untipped w/ hand rolled edges 59"x3.15" Brand New - Might have been worn once A2. Sam Hober Navy Blue Pattern Challis Wool Tie #2...$60 3-fold, lined,...
^ are those bordeaux calf?
i have a 24oz gamekeeper tweed from johnstons, it is insanely warm and meant for a nyc winter. 18oz should be fine, but remember that you're wearing it under a heavy 18-20oz overcoat, even a 13-14oz sport jacket will feel really warm.
Diework, I'm looking forward to the brown fresco in the coming months, should be a good one
I'd check out lessers 16 & 13oz books as well as the smiths steadfast and botany book. The steadfast book has some really nice hopsacks
Cant tell if thats linen, but if it is, LL carries a brown POW linen, but the scale is smaller. Also take a look at the ariston books.
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