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^ if that were 4x1 it would be perfection
^ +1 although last summer wasn't as bad as usual.
I don't really think there is such thing as a four season suit unless you live in los angeles where the weather is pretty much the same 360 days out of the year. I'd go with PB's suggestion and get winter and summer suits. The differences in the cloth are not only due to weight, you have to also account for the weave, the finish and the cut of the garment. A heavy weight worsted such as lesser 16 or smiths steadfast will hold a crease longer and hang better if the suit...
Check out smiths 13oz and 15oz books as well as the lesser 13 & 16. Both are under the harrisons umbrella now. PB Universal also has some nice greys, including a hopsack, but it's not as nicely finished as the smiths or lessers. Lastly, dugdale has a more affordable range under its town classics bunch.
I think his lapels look fine, he's worn worse
The guys a businessman, he's marketing himself, his image and his products. He is a billboard for himself. Nothing worth getting upset about.
how do people have the time and patience to write an op ed article in a forum post, regardless of the content quality
ah the whiskey nst, the one that got away
All links work for me, please PM me if you have any issues
I had the steadfast book, but gave it to tailor after I was done with it. Excellent cloth, hangs like iron
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