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Grey SC don't look good to begin with, 0511 is a suit cloth. The only real exception would be a grey/b&w herringbone, but other than that I'm not a real fan of grey odd jackets.
Looks like P2 cognac, makes me think of my babies that didn't fit
Anyone who got their length of the latest light grey mistral from LL, will you be making it up as SB or DB
Vox had one made up from callum maclean callum9b at hotmail.com Jacket pic: http://www.voxsartoria.com/image/62435114388 Nice shade IMO
I would ask molloy for a sample, if you don't have one that should really be your choice, its very basic ivy style
Do you have a b&w herringbone? If not, definitely opt for that, perhaps grey and white, molloy also makes that
For salt & pepper donegal, check out molloy and sons http://www.flickr.com/photos/molloyandsons/
I mean when buying from a merchant instead of the actual mill. I am not familiar with john englands stock linen specifications so I can't comment on how it tailors.
Compared to what else is out there, 60gbp/m for single width linen is not expensive by any means, scabal's is easily double the price and definitely not double the quality, I think if you're going the bespoke route, to skimp out on the fabric over a difference of 20 or 30 gbp/m is not worth it. I can personally attest to wbill's linen quality, it tailors into a great garment. For something softer, I would opt for cacciopolli's italian linen, it is different than wbill's,...
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