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please pm questions
Measurements up, fabric is loro piana wool with a touch of lambswool i believe
Nice lapels
The color is killer
I would if it was grey
There is no reason you need 1000g overcoating fabric, especially for 30 deg weather, which is warm for NYC winters IMO. The thickness alone makes it uncomfortable to layer over a suit. I've heard from 2 separate tailors that it is a B to tailor because their needles weren't designed to handle fabric that thick AND the customers ended up complaining about the coats being too heavy and too warm for their purposes. Last but not least is the insane price, and I get that...
Some say Frank has a bat line but this is conjecture and speculation
Don't know if its still in stock but thomas fisher and lessers formal books both carry heavier weight baratheas and I believe one of them is navy rather than midnight blue. Perfect for a DB suit. If you're splurging on something nice, go for that
I think a navy barathea is for more formal suiting, not too common, but very nice IMHO. I'd stick with plain, twill and sharkskin if this is for work and one of your first good suits in your wardrobe.
Don't remember if it was classic II or I (I can't imagine them being any different), I had a three piece made in the mid grey pick and pick. Good cloth, finishing is not bad hand is a bit scratchy, weight is there and it holds a crease, but the lesser and smith 13 are better and worth the extra $.
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