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Oxblood is the color of eggplant skin
They offer(ed) antique cognac shell
Interesting thing is only the LL flannels are going up in price, everything else will remain the same price. If anything they should have offered a discount.
Harrisons & Fox (both regular and LL) make the nicest navy chalk stripes i've seen, especially the Fox, which is a perfect shade of midnight
Pb, waist looks good, i wouldn't touch a thing
I like the minnis fresco, lesser tropical, and smiths finmeresco for summer
Looks nice pb
Napolisumisura - Bespoke handmade sartoria based in Naples, run by Mina Adamo, a very generous and nice person, all around good bespoke for a great price.All prices include conus shipping, not willing to ship to australia or southeast asia, my apologies.Thank you for looking and please PM any questions, enjoy!A. Mid Grey Sharkskin 3-piece Suit........$1300$1100$1000Jacket Details:2-button w/ Barchetta Breast PocketFlap pockets w/ ticket pocketSpalla camicia shoulder...
Lesser 16oz, 13oz, and smiths steadfast are all solid "bombproof" cloth that offer very nice birdseyes that have a very "neat" pattern, the lumbs gb is very nice and has soft hand, but not as tough as the lesser 16 or 13
Wait, vass stopped selling directly to US customers??
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