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Sure, here's a pic of the swatch, I actually get a lot of compliments on it, just prefer gun clubs with a smaller scale. Will take a pic of the jacket for you. [[SPOILER]]
I've got a 24oz thats just too damn heavy, good for a NYC winter, but the pattern scale is a bit too large, mistake on my part
Suits, not jackets, definitely not trousers
Generally I tend to stick with worsteds and flannel for suits, tweed for odd jackets, and flannel for odd trousers. I would say that there are many exceptions such as the navy hopsack as a sport coat, even though it is suiting, or tropical weight worsteds for warmer weather odd trousers. I think color also divides fabrics use, such as greys being used for full suits or odd trousers but not as jackets, and blues being used as jackets or full suits, but not as odd...
Got some hobers I'm willing to part with if anyone is interested, price is negotiable, see sig
GB uses very fine soft threads, beautiful cloth, patterns are so precise and distinct. I prefer the regular stuff, GB is very expensive
I would advise you to get the tobacco instead of blue, just because it is something different than you would never see as a worsted. You can also pair the pants with a blue jacket. Also, being linen is a casual suit and not something you wear to the office (depending on where you live), I'd want a color that sets it apart from ordinary suit colors. If you didn't already have a cream suit, I'd say get a cream linen suit, other than that get the tobacco or a dark brown...
Go with wbill tobacco linen 60154 3 roll 2 with 3 patch or 2 patch/welt, don't even ask for a sample, just call your tailor and order it, it will save a lot of back and forth in this thread
LL one is sized pretty well [[SPOILER]]
Lightweight flannel sucks IMO, heavy stuff is much better, at least 14oz
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