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Both are top notch, Fox's is a bit softer and foggier. I believe Minnis flannel is made by fox, but Minnis specs created a dryer flannel. If you have both you'll know what I mean. I think a mid grey DB using either fox's or minnis will be an awsome suit. If you are really considering a better suiting flannel, check out the worsted flannel from dormeiul, harrisons or smiths. Personally, I prefer the woollen stuff, but would love to try a good worsted flannel next winter.
I have the tobacco and crimson version of that cloth, easily one of my favorites. I never got the blue but it looks great. If the to catch a thief blue ever got subscribed I'd go for that one. Overall, LLs shetlands are good stuff, tailors have all commented positively.
please pm questions
Measurements up, fabric is loro piana wool with a touch of lambswool i believe
Nice lapels
The color is killer
I would if it was grey
There is no reason you need 1000g overcoating fabric, especially for 30 deg weather, which is warm for NYC winters IMO. The thickness alone makes it uncomfortable to layer over a suit. I've heard from 2 separate tailors that it is a B to tailor because their needles weren't designed to handle fabric that thick AND the customers ended up complaining about the coats being too heavy and too warm for their purposes. Last but not least is the insane price, and I get that...
Some say Frank has a bat line but this is conjecture and speculation
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