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Thanks RogerP, I've never seen the bordeaux IRL, and I try to avoid getting any color that would stand out, i'd say the vass bordeaux is very nice and right on the border, perhaps the shell version is a bit darker, great for a pair of boots
Would you say bordeaux is just as dark as the oxblood only with a red base as opposed to purple in the oxblood
Yes indeed, and theres no mid grey 16 left, only darker greys and a few shades of navy
fabric doesn't really have any give, finish is very matte, but hangs like none other
I concur, its either a meat freezer or a sauna
The lesser 16 is a very "dry" old world cloth, its something many people venturing into bespoke gloss over, but eventually come to after they've made a few errors in choosing cloth, you would be lucky to start with it, the navy hopsack will make up a great sport jacket
If you want a navy hopsack go with the one in the lesser 16oz book if it is still in stock, or something from the smiths steadfast book.
I believe the scale is just a bit bigger than the LL GCs, not 100% sure. I originally thought it was a loud pattern once I saw it made up as a jacket, but the dullness of the colors makes for a more muted jacket, I should wear it more to break it in a little, still stiff
Sure, here's a pic of the swatch, I actually get a lot of compliments on it, just prefer gun clubs with a smaller scale. Will take a pic of the jacket for you. [[SPOILER]]
I've got a 24oz thats just too damn heavy, good for a NYC winter, but the pattern scale is a bit too large, mistake on my part
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