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That's it for now
Went with others in my stash for summer, if I make it up it probably won't be till next year, rather sell and just get a grey lesser 8/9oz made up for this summer
I have 4m of the LL tan piuma for sale at cost if anyone is interested.
I have wbill linen trousers, they are fantastic, not itchy at all, but they are irish linen, if you want more flowy linen go with italian linen from caccioppoli
Order it through your tailor, those agents will stress you out
those are sick
That is a great looking suit, I'd probably go for SB with the herringbone pattern
The midnight or the char blue? Post pics when it's done, been thinking of getting the midnight.
Those are as good as it gets
Really like the diamond weave you posted before, i don't have any, although I may get the oxford weave over the diamond
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