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My experience with Hallak was horrible, they refunded, but still horrible. They essentially removed the buttons off a DB jacket without asking yet they charged me for this. The main issue was that they didn't sew them back on in the right place, and also forgot to sew the interior buttons back on, so basically I couldn't close the jacket. The main stain was removed though I had to send the jacket back to the tailor to "recalibrate"
518 has been discontinued to the best of my knowledge and is too dark IMO. Slew's looks much better.
Return and buy a suit without buttonholes or pay for a bespoke suit.
Looks like italian oxford with V-cap
What is this obsession with tonik? Its not as good as the old stuff, and there are so many better warm-weather alternatives out there such as tropicals and frescos. Mohair also tends to be shiny, something I rather avoid.
Tchoy, how soft is that cloth?
Lesser's Navy Hopsack in the 16oz book has a nice finish, and it hangs like steel. Well worth it IMO. If you want patterns, go with Caccioppoli's books, it's very italian, but good cloths with nice hand. I know a lot of people don't like it, but the worsted alsport book from minnis has a few gunclubs in there and a worsted finish so it's much smoother than a very hairy tweed from WBill for example.
^ Charmin Ultrasoft, they say good things. No, but seriously why not any british cloths, their mills are some of the best in the business if not the best. That being said, Caccioppoli's jacketing book is great, although they are not a mill.
Ercoles does alterations, but he's a bit pricey, much better work though, if its an expensive OTR garment, I would take it there
^ not a fan of cotton for suits, get linen, tropical worsted or a fresco if you're looking for something lightweight
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