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I have wbill linen trousers, they are fantastic, not itchy at all, but they are irish linen, if you want more flowy linen go with italian linen from caccioppoli
Order it through your tailor, those agents will stress you out
those are sick
That is a great looking suit, I'd probably go for SB with the herringbone pattern
The midnight or the char blue? Post pics when it's done, been thinking of getting the midnight.
Those are as good as it gets
Really like the diamond weave you posted before, i don't have any, although I may get the oxford weave over the diamond
Yes, beautiful color, I'm having the LL version made up for this summer, if you cant get ur hands on the LL version get the smiths, its really nice cloth.
Believe it or not I have never made a flannel suit, only trousers. It is definitely on my list for next winter, I will probably make up the length of LL navy chalk I have sitting in the closet and a mid grey worsted flannel. The LL tweeds are nice, I like their shetlands and the original gun club they made with the red overcheck. Some of their stuff is too over the top for me, but some members of the LL seem to like making 3 piece tweed suitsI have the wheat fresco as...
All my suits are either traditional worsted or frescos, odd pants are in cavalry twill, flannel and fresco, odd jackets are tweed unless its navy. I think I'd get a mohair blend for a tux once I have one made up, but don't know when that will be. People say mohair is "crunchy" but I think it will wear pretty well in the heat, not that any jacket wears well in 80+ degree weather. I hope your suit turns out well
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