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Those are beautiful, also great in bordeaux shell
Shame theres nothing left in cigar
I have a gunclub from the old worsted alsport book, love it
I'm sure it'll hold up just fine, i think it just lacks the finishing of the lesser and smiths, other than that it seems pretty sturdy
I was actually asking about dugdale recently on this thread, I haven't used it, but have been thinking about it. The lesser and smiths are better, but they don't have as wide of a range of greys as the dugdale
Personally, I wouldn't get it as a blazersuit, it's a classic grey, just get a simple suit with flaps or besom pockets
^ For what season? I would go with a traditional worsted at 13oz before you get a fresco, which is a very specific type of suit. If you're dead set on a fresco, go for 511 or 512, at least the mid-weight can be worn in fall, spring, and even summer when its not too humid. For a good 13oz worsted, check out lessers 13oz book and smiths botany.
Minnis has great flannel collection, and you can get it cheaper, should also look at harrisons, but not as good as the fox/minnis. If you're going bespoke, skimping out on cloth over a couple of dollars isn't worth the savings, if I were you I'd shell out the extra couple hundred bucks for the better cloth.
I have the swatch for 9437 on my desk, very nice shade. I'm thinking about 9438, but if I can find something with a better finish, i would go with it.
Thanks, I've been looking for a 14-15oz mid-grey twill, hard to find actually. I've been trying to get some samples of smiths steadfast, we'll see what happens.
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