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Just wanted to say thanks to @dieworkwear for putting together the fresco run, cloth looks great, look forward to doing more in the future
I hope this doesn't mean my DB lapels will lose their FU status, but only time will tell...I do agree with foo that the package of quality and consistency is key when choosing a tailor, especially a traveling one. I admit that over time I've come to appreciate the simplicity and consistency of local tailors more than the traveling ones, there's nothing like dropping off a pair of trousers for a quick adjustment here and there or having your pleats freshly pressed without...
[[SPOILER]] Those are sick, are those shell?
I don't prefer one over the other, they're different. Mistral is a hopsack, L16 only carries one hopsack, it is much more tightly woven and drier than the mistral. The mistral hangs really well and various tailors have commented about how nice it is to work with. L16 on the other hand is very dry and "stiff" so it won't hide mistakes made by the tailor. Both are excellent, I would say for basic suits like dark grey, navy, L16 is your best option together with smiths...
Yes, so far I like it. It is a bit looser than lesser and smiths hopsacks, and of course much heavier.
Welcome to the dark side
Pics are always good, but for your sake, why on earth do you need so many different samples of the such similar cloth, makes your decision harder
Got some p2 bordeaux shell theresianers in the vass pipeline, looking forward to trying out dainite soles
Ctp nice suit, wear in good health
P2 it is, went with dainite soles on this one, first time getting them, hopefully won't disappoint
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