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F, no question, especially if its a larger size, F has a narrower looking toe in larger sizes
I would go flannel and linen personally, although I have neither as trousers. I have a cream linen jacket which is great for summer, but dirt becomes part of the fabric, you need to be able to accept that before purchasing
They look very good, cuffs are nice and meaty, unfortunately Fox doesn't carry the cream flannel in the 17oz weight, an idea for another group run
Are those trousers flannel? Fox?
In my experience, prices seem to depend on the mill/merchant and don't necessarily coordinate with quality. HLesser & Smiths sell really top quality worsteds at different weights anywhere close to 90 pounds/meter while minnis classic worsted sell for around 50 pounds/meter. Fox sells flannels at around 90 pounds/meter while minnis sells at around 70 pounds/meter, although some would argue they are both excellent cloths. Is the fox worth 20 pounds/meter more in quality,...
Great to see there is a lot of interest. I am coordinating with fox regarding the replication of shade D and will be posting out the reference swatch to them shortly. Once they produce their iteration, we will make a final decision on the cloth and take an official count of everyone's commitments.
Definitely, I'm with you on LL's pricing premium. This is a community project and I won't be charging or including anything on top of what the mill charges. The cost is estimated to be between 25-35 pounds/meter which is a third of LL's prices
I'm only looking for odd trousers, but I'm sure it could work as a jacket as well
The closet shade to what I was going for is the Minnis, labeled D below. I am in talks with Fox to see if they can replicate but with depth of color in their own flannels. Minnis cannot do their shade with the flecks of color that make these heavy weight flannels so special unless we place a very large order. So our current options would be to do a run of i) the "flat" minnis tobacco flannel labeled D, ii) shade C of the fox flannel, or iii) fox's iteration of the...
Okay I've narrowed Fox's samples down to three shades, A is more yellow based, B is more orange, C is more red (the original cloth I posted a photo of earlier). Let me know what you guys think. I am leaning towards C and perhaps A as a second run if anyone is interested, but they're all great. Please voice your opinion if you are interested in being a part of this one. The weight will be 17oz for those who missed that earlier. [[SPOILER]]
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