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If I knew you wanted it, I wouldn't have taken it
Yea great odd trousers. I like fox's light grey flannel better though, it's foggier
I think minnis 300 flannel is the lightest i'd go. 546 fresco isn't the right shade of any color for a suit, "bone" is really the best word for it, good for business cards
4: a dark grey DB, dark grey sb, light-mid grey sb, 0511 fresco sb
I recently had the same issue with finding a mid grey twill in heavier weights. I almost ordered one from the pb universal book, but frank directed me to a length of heavyweight cb for lessers he had in the shop that's just been sitting there. So far it is excellent, but I will most likely order a suit in the pb universal in the near future.
PB Universal is the only book I know of that has a heavier weight mid-grey twill. There is also Dugdale, but thats a bit lighter at 13/14oz, have you considered a mid-grey fox flannel?
I never understood the point of a 15oz fresco
Just wanted to say thanks to @dieworkwear for putting together the fresco run, cloth looks great, look forward to doing more in the future
I hope this doesn't mean my DB lapels will lose their FU status, but only time will tell...I do agree with foo that the package of quality and consistency is key when choosing a tailor, especially a traveling one. I admit that over time I've come to appreciate the simplicity and consistency of local tailors more than the traveling ones, there's nothing like dropping off a pair of trousers for a quick adjustment here and there or having your pleats freshly pressed without...
[[SPOILER]] Those are sick, are those shell?
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