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For Sale: 2 pairs of bespoke shoes from paolo scafora, a neapolitan shoemaker who makes shoes by handA. Dark brown Half-Brogue Oxfords w/ Toe Medallion...$1200$800Roughly Size 9 - 9.5Chisel ToeB. Burgundy Adelaide w/ Toe Medallion...$1200$800Roughly Size 9 - 9.5Chisel ToeSoles have minimal wear, heels have no wearBoth come with lasted shoe trees, extra laces, neutral polish & shoe boxFor sizing purposes, I wear a size 41 on the F & P2 last in Vass, and a 42 U last.Please...
I think R&T was bought by Indian company
So sad they didn't fit
Get it on the F....just sayin
Oxblood is the color of eggplant skin
They offer(ed) antique cognac shell
Interesting thing is only the LL flannels are going up in price, everything else will remain the same price. If anything they should have offered a discount.
Harrisons & Fox (both regular and LL) make the nicest navy chalk stripes i've seen, especially the Fox, which is a perfect shade of midnight
Pb, waist looks good, i wouldn't touch a thing
I like the minnis fresco, lesser tropical, and smiths finmeresco for summer
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