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I'd check out lessers 16 & 13oz books as well as the smiths steadfast and botany book. The steadfast book has some really nice hopsacks
Cant tell if thats linen, but if it is, LL carries a brown POW linen, but the scale is smaller. Also take a look at the ariston books.
I really couldn't say, I don't see it being that much different from the 8/9oz, it is a high twist fabric so it can take some abuse, but at the end of the day it's about comfort in the heat
I think maybe we should float the idea of mimicking the 7oz woodhouse fresco if you really want to go for something new
Getting minnis to do a custom run for patterned fresco is extremely difficult, they stated that the minimum order was several hundred or a thousand meters, essentially a commercial volume order. Perhaps someone with a relationship could convince them otherwise. We could also approach lovat mill or another mill that produces high twist cloths.
Mac +1
IMHO that huntsman cloth is hideous
Yesterday was brutal, my shirt was a quilted quicker picker upperMy cacciopolli linen trousers did not fade after washing, and actually settled down and became softer
I was just kidding, they kick ass
Have you tried calling?
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