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I don't like to bury before coffee
This is the seinfeld of threads
Frank, I have the theresianer boot on P2 in dark brown shell with vibram soles, they are EXCELLENT. I've polished them with reno ONCE since I bought them 3 years ago and they are still going strong. I recently picked up a theresianer derby in bordeaux shell on P2 as well, but with Dainite soles. You can't go wrong with your choice, I've only seen the storm welt on my old NSTs that I had to sell they're a great look
How do people like the oxford weave ties? I'm thinking of ordering some to replace the fallen soldiers in my recent tie purge
@NAMOR great minds thinks alike, I just picked up a pair of theresianer on P2 in bordeaux shell with double dainite, should be good for the upcoming weather in NYC
Does such a thing exist?
What would you get?
If you ever get one, get a small scale dark brown gun club
London Lounge is doing a subscription for a tan camel herringbone, but it is lambswool. I don't know the weight, but being the LL I'm sure its up there
It's 90% marketing, 10% real life difference, the regular stuff is good enough
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