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The hand/finish of GB is nicer than other 13oz cloths IMO, but I think you'd be better off with smiths botany or lessers ordinary 13oz instead, especially if you'll be throwing the suit into a work rotation. The GB could be a nice alternative to the formal books if you want a nice navy DB that you can wear to evening events that don't call for black tie.
Might also be a good idea to check out VBC, and even LL which recently did a mohair offering, maybe they have some left
Don't be thrown off by the weight, the lighter weight mix isn't as stiff as the heavier stuff and sort of flows better. If you want the heavier stuff also give Harrisons Evolution book a look, it has 100% kid mohair offerings
Pliny, have you checked out cape kid from harrisons? Swatches ive seen were really nice, but it is expensive
I have a linen SC with unlined sleeves, no complaints
No need to source your own cloth, tell him to order something he likes from either lessers smiths or harrisons books at his tailor. I would not buy cloth on ebay, if anything it should be sourced from the merchant or mill or someone on this forum with a reputation for honesty
^ no, tell your friend to get a solid plain weave dark grey or navy suit, or both if he can afford to
There's nothing like a small scale gunclub sport coat
Can anyone describe the differences between the different lines?
Cue mantonius maximus
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