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I wear the same size in vass calf and shell, I see no real difference. I will say that their suede does stretch a little more than the others but not enough to merit a downsize
^ order lesser golden bale through your tailor, call it a day, the savings between merchants is negligible when paying for a bespoke suit
Most tailors i've dealt with do not markup fabric they source by that much. The slight markup if any is usually offset by the lower price the tailor pays for cloth (compared to the higher price charged to ordinary non-trade consumers) and protects you from having to deal with a cloth merchant who has an incentive to deal more fairly with a frequent repeat customer such as your tailor. That being said I'd lookup harrisons and minnis agents in Canada and inquire with them...
My advice is to order directly through your tailor
Can anyone comment on the patent oxford?
DB shawl collar tuxedo made to measure from thick as thieves Cloth is black wool Jacket is 4x1 unvented with satin shawl lapels and besome pockets Trousers have side tabs and suspender buttons Size equivalent is approximately 38-40R Jacket Measurements: Chest 18.5 pit to pit Sleeve 23.5" without buttonholes so they can easily be altered Shoulders 17.5 across the back seam to seam Length 31" down back Trouser Measurements: Leg opening 8" Inseam 30.25 Rise 11" Waist 17"...
I've heard good things, better than the 290g stuff from Fox...take a look at Smiths luxury flannel book, they might have something you're looking for
^ I believe Jodek in BHills is their agent, best way is to have your tailor contact them
Note on LL fabric runs, there is usually some fabric left over so you dont necessarily need to commit to a set amount in order to get the fabric and can just email michael and ask him to be put on a "waitlist" once its been woven. Also, while LL does put out unique cloth and most of it has been great in my experience (esp their shetlands), many of its offerings are too heavy for their intended purpose, or have similar offerings available from the usual cloth merchants...
LS I sold my length, I didnt like the way the light blue looked in person, color was too loud to be a "city" GC, but the hand was very nice. The darker more brown gc available in minnis worsted alsport was more of what I was looking for
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