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Shell in Blue....
Interesting Olive CXL, Friday How it will aged, vegetable-tanned leathers.
Custom Works:
Thanks Friday! Looking forward to see you playing with more knives Got commissioned to custom a knife bag for a chef. More pictures and description on our blog
Hi Friday! I use Japanese style skiving knife for curve cuts, round knife for straight cuts. Round knives gives better control and effortless for straight lines. Please be really careful if you are trying them The above cutting pictures, cut this curve design.
Using the knife.
Belts, every man must have at least a good one made of real leathers... Thick and very durable to last until next generation.
awesome strap there friday. This is something totally different for handmade....
Obbi Good Label's evergreen Kohana wallet since 2008... Working full force for AW12 designs, production in progress.... New natural braces
very impressive, sneakyfast here is one document folder
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