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115k (incl bonus) finance
which brown one? there's like 4 diff shades :P
im around 5 8 150, big drop chest to waist and h&m is really the only brand that fits me (size medium) all around. slim fit + not long looking for other brands that fit like h&m but maybe with better quality. unfortunately uniqlo doesnt like putting up their actual store online so its hard for me to buy from there since their website is never accurate (i live on the west coast). and zara stores ive been to in LA have horrible selection (not sure why) went to jcrew this...
so is there any consensus?
pretty much. waking up every morning looking for the light at the end of the tunnel!
hey man what actual waist size are u? and any fit pics? i may be interested
what size is BB0 and flat front?
i thought maybe a simple forum post may save 1-2 weeks of shipping back and forth due to getting the wrong sizesobviously this is not the case lol
it's unfortunate that i work 100 hr weeks and dont have much time to go "shopping" like pebblegrain does, unless it's online and when i get time to go out, all the shoe places are closed. any other help on sizing?
really? have you ever looked at them? you'd have to be blind to buy glasses that ugly, in which case you wouldnt need glasses anyway
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