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I've been searching and people have been throwing out J Press and Thomas Pink but it seems they dont carry them anymore. I bought one off Kamakura but what other brands have some royal oxfords?
How much better is the quality of the material of H&K shirts? They are on sale right now, still more expensive than Kamakura but just curious Another nice fit by JJ Full canvassed too. Yes I know any suit can be tailored but probably better if it already has a slim fit, short jacket, low rise, tapered pants, etc right? I don't want to look like this You can probably see what look I'm going for...
So no one else can feel that a dress shirt is colder to the touch than say a long sleeve Henley, is it only me? Maybe I have circulation issues lol I'm actually warmer when I'm outside in the cold wearing a short sleeve cotton v-neck t-shirt than I am wearing any one of my long sleeve dress shirts for work. Is there something wrong with me or my shirts?
It's more apparent on some brands than others. For example, BB Non-Iron ESF is basically like wearing a cold plastic tarp all day. Currently wearing Boss Black Label and still feels cold on my skin which I hate. Is it just me? I have to wear an undershirt but that doesn't cover my arms or neck.
The ones that the guy is wearing: I've gotten guesses of All Saints Brisk, viberg, Clarks Mali, Dayton service boot but they are not any of these. Please help!! Thanks
115k (incl bonus) finance
which brown one? there's like 4 diff shades :P
im around 5 8 150, big drop chest to waist and h&m is really the only brand that fits me (size medium) all around. slim fit + not long looking for other brands that fit like h&m but maybe with better quality. unfortunately uniqlo doesnt like putting up their actual store online so its hard for me to buy from there since their website is never accurate (i live on the west coast). and zara stores ive been to in LA have horrible selection (not sure why) went to jcrew this...
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