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Star Trek Continues
It has been sixteen years since Winnipeg had an NHL team ( possibly longer since the last play-off game). Most of those fans have morphed into the mute, corporate ACC-style drones.
You need to understand the history behind the franchise. The previous incarnation ( now known as the Arizona Coyotes) had some serious fanboyz and the playoff atmosphere was something to behold.The fourth game has not been won...yet.
Perhaps against a single raptor but against an intelligent pack.....Tis size of the beak
Sooooo you're saying that dino hunting is something you have have experienced outside of a video game?
Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and IronFist will be done as separate series then all four characters will be combined as The Defenders.
Have you tried Prosciutto, jamón ibérico or Poledwica Lososiowa ( cold smoked pork loin)?
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