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they're baaaaaack...
heh....Bartkira san
For your consideration, the Pelican EL 22 Includes Enhanced Travel System: lid organizer, Dopp style toiletry kit and zippered shoe sack Lightweight Design Recessed Press and Pull Latches Handle Location Maximizes Interior Space Recessed TSA Approved Combination Lock Recessed Carry Handles (Top, Bottom and One Side) Recessed retractable handle Custom design ball bearing wheels with solid hubs Watertight O-Ring Seal Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve Fabric Interior...
Star Trek Continues
It has been sixteen years since Winnipeg had an NHL team ( possibly longer since the last play-off game). Most of those fans have morphed into the mute, corporate ACC-style drones.
You need to understand the history behind the franchise. The previous incarnation ( now known as the Arizona Coyotes) had some serious fanboyz and the playoff atmosphere was something to behold.The fourth game has not been won...yet.
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