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I have a very nice Ghurka satchel with a strap that measure only .5" and I don't believe it to be feminine looking by any stretch of the imagination. That said, for all I know, it's actually a women's bag but I don't think so. Overall though, I'd concur with Softy on the issue of weight. A thinner strap when bearing a heavy load will dig into you shoulder much more aggressively than a strap that is 1" or more.
Quote: Originally Posted by redcaimen Escape From New York Easily my favorite of all time... Hudson Hawk is a winner too.
Also, for what it's worth, Standard carries some other great shit like Gitman Vintage, Woolrich Woolen Mills, Apolis Activism, Red Wing Boots, Nudie Jeans, Caulfield Prep, Steven Alan, Ever etc. etc. The store is certainly worth dropping some loot at.
For the record... These are made in the US from Cone Mills raw selvedge. (yellow line, sanforized, 12.5oz i believe) and have very flattering fits for both men and women alike. Also, they easily DESTROY N&F or Nudies in terms of fit, fabric and construction. The mentions of the pocket being half way down the ass is pertaining to the drop yoke model called the '77. The other mens cuts are The Reed (classic straight leg, though fairly slim) and The Henley (true skinny...
- LVC '47 deadstock (x4, one heavily worn, one being broken now, 2 on ice) - LVC '55 deadstock - LVC '55 "Jagged Blue" - LVC '33 "Broken Raw" - Levi's early '80s selvage 501xx (not LVC) - RRL raw straight leg - RRL raw low straight - RRL slim - R by 45RPM Sorahiko (O/W) - R by 45RPM Sorahiko Slim - Sugarcane '47 - APC New Standard - PRPS Barracuda - Nudie Average Joe - Ande Whall Cougar - Gap 1969 Italian Selvage (fairly old, not sure of the cut, very...
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