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^ hey, did that AKOG coat show up? I'd be very interested to hear your impressions..
always forget about this thread, i'm in this year +40= 1895 jet/anyone, i can do one arm pullups but always have to grip my forearm with the other hand to stop my whole body rotating, how do i get past this?
nice, how did you size those heschungs?
Pringle- both mens and womens'- was great from around 2005-2008 under claire waight keller, who then got lured away to take over chloe after phoebe left. really worth trying to search out stuff from that period (don't know if that includes your cardigan) but of course on all the resellers it gets lumped together with tons of old man golf wear
raf/ sterling ruby parka. one of the nicest pieces from that collab, great buy fycus
yup the guys in the trickers shop in london did it for me. gives you maybe half a size in width. i dont think the length can change much.
they're really nice for the price, cut is identical to the schneider pair i have
i would go with 34 unless you have really swole thighs/calves. they're pretty slim but not as much so as the chinos i thinkim a 32 and this is TTS [[SPOILER]]
i'm 5'11", 170, 39" chest, and a medium, you should be ok. [[SPOILER]]
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