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dampen the waist and stretch it out more (there are contraptions to help you do this, look on ebay). then use a belt
eg-focused types seem to do that quite often, stephanie hoff for example [[SPOILER]]
bought a tie from @MalfordOfLondon on ebay after finding the drakes version i wanted was sold out. great item. thanks dude
too sexless bro. how can you hope to be spotted on boy safari?
or just moved on from the good ol' days when hedi was running tings? those cps are about as sleek/pointy as a derby can get without venturing into winkle picker territory (again, see hedi circa 2003 and,uh, ever since).
none of this is rocket science, a black suit can look extremely striking but you have to be able to carry it off. why else was it the signature garment for raf simons, hedi slimane, yamamoto, etc. whether it's 'acceptable' or not depends on your business.
why does tom ford wear a black suit every day then? does he have no other options?
if it was the slate blue SS version from a couple of seasons back i think the taper was less sharp. your best bet is to try to get measurements/fit pics if possible (i'm assuming you can't try it on).
not sure there is a consensus... they vary from season to season. TTS seems to work for a lot of people but i'm a large 48 and took a 46. the pattern seems very accommodating though- a friend who is at least a size smaller tried mine and looked fine in it. the key thing for the modern version is that you must have a slim waist, it has a strong taper as the picture on this page shows.
London is the answer man, plus you get to wear baller outerwear in three, sometimes four seasons
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