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it's probably a good thing, now i'm at home all day uniqlo 'lounge pants' have become my uniform, it seems like a real imposition when i have to put on actual clothes
looks really good to me, what model is that? edit: la spalla, right?
Very glad to see you here. As someone who lives in London I like your buys, particularly Stephan Schneider and Akindofguise. Wish you would carry more Schneider knits
Pessoa also tells you how to get ahead in business, get along with your boss, etc. a must-read for all of SF's aspiring young professionals!
@AlexanderTG the EG/oliver spencer thing really suits you, the rustic fabrics in particular would work well with your slightly more weathered (in a good way!) face. i can see why you're drawn to the SLP rocker image but in terms of pure aesthetics i much prefer this
[[SPOILER]] i read this years and years ago, as you say perhaps the best parts were the moments of action counterbalanced with a kind of non-psychological reflection. but to address your other point, perhaps the rambling nature of the narrative is simply down to the fact that i think the novel was not known in Russia adn this was one of the earliest attempts?
so the gum sole low suede from this season, from what i've read, should fit narrower than a standard achilles, can anyone corroborate?
is the suit you're being fitted for the formosa sharkskin? looks fantastic
ah cheers, so paging @mike868y
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