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Normally dread the idea of a film adaptation of any book i like but I'm excited about Omer Fast's adaptation of 'Remainder' and Ben Wheatley's of 'High Rise', seeing both this weekend. is 'the martian' any good?
i think you must be mistaken, i see that gingery actor dude around hackney all the time, he's never wearing textured jumpers or big-lapel overcoats (@snowmanxl )
marj+ qlemaire
it's not nasty, just fairly lightweight and.. basic. in line with quality of uniqlo outerwear offerings over the last couple of seasons, definitely a few notches down from +J. Having said that, the silhouette is quite unique and if you're looking to play around without committing to mainline, i think it could be worth it.also, i didn't particularly like the tone of the green- seemed drab in an uninspiring way (and i wear olive a lot..)
nope, the remaining oxford street store also has it, and yesterday had way more stock than regent street which was picked clean in an hour
prob good, you're at least a full size bigger than me IIRC. I could've easily fit into the S but M has the lemaire egg silhouette going on.
5'10, 165ish. coat is an M
when i checked the label they turned out to be the regular flat front pants (TTS). quite a high rise, relaxed thigh and then taper. pretty much the only thing worth having IMO. [[SPOILER]]
NN is right, relaxed trousers are pretty nice, coat drapes quite well but quality is meh
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