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i wanted the tropical wool andover/cinch combo for summer- not because i need a suit particularly, i just like the idea- but i'm put off by 6.75" trouser hems. might have to check out our legacy
i think there's not all that much one can learn from something like the grammys beyond fuuma's point that it's just a depressing business/marketing spectacle. the reason i think he's wrong to dismiss pop culture seemingly en masse is that yeezus is really great
you could transpose this argument to the literary/art/fashion world though.. seems fair enough to me that he should give some sort of fuck
says 30" on the MH site.
don't know if you mean something more artisanal but i think the raf simons work with everything from black jeans to a suit
even better than the homepage shot, colours are beautiful
none of these are nice. i don't know how much they cost but if you're on a budget get a seiko 5 or diver, or save a bit more for a hamilton. alternatively a nice vintage watch from a reputable dealer.
a few inspiration pics
i think graham browne is above your budget. they can make good stuff but you have to have a very clear idea of what you want. how about george threadneedleman. haven't used him personally but some of his stuff looks nice and seems to be in your price range http://www.threadneedlemantailors.co.uk/Threadneedleman/Welcome.html
junya coat arrived. it's beautiful, for some reason i wasn't expecting it to be so substantial. i think sizing up was the right call given the slimness of shoulders/chest/arms. only problem is the gorilla-length sleeves; will need maybe 6" taken off 'em. i'm a bit worried about the elbow patch position changing but its currently nearly at my wrist so should be manageable. [[SPOILER]]
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