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yeah, this. the design is such that the seam falls a little off the shoulder. this is why i prefer 5 zips in heavier leathers, the drape is better [[SPOILER]]
paul harnden's home/workshop in brighton (from an installation at DSM)
thanks fok, more than anything i'm trying to make the trousers work as i venture outside of my slim denim comfort zone. agree a yohji-esque blazer (and perhaps a boxier tee as snowman suggested) could tie it together. great stuff from ken and vitatim above!
5'10 (and a half, lol). sizing varies a fair bit from season to season, but really i think it's down to the pattern, i'm a 48-50 and @snowmanxl is around a 46 (?) and it looked really good on him when he tried it
also very odd as i'm 170 and my 5 zip is a 46! i guess this supports what drew always used to say about a good pattern being very versatile
@thewho13 that looks great man, i am really surprised.. what the hell do you weigh these days??
not sure this is working, any advice would be welcome
you've been asked so many times.. how hard can it be? please just stick to the 'how many jeans' thread
@Hirsh lobbs look nice. could you guys please not spread your ongoing conversation across multiple threads?
pretty boring after all that textural goodness.
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