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^ people dress like this in london though, weather is all over the place, warm sunshine to icy wind/hailstorms in the space of a few minutes
Y's cdg robot dancer pose
raf simons derbies
that pretty much is the EG silhouette though.. [[SPOILER]]
good natured advice: i think a basic EG outfit would suit you, like bedford/fatigues. maybe take a look at cotton dockers' tumblr
anyone have the navy foulard patchwork shirt? would appreciate any sizing advice for a 38" chest (fairly broad shoulders, slim/athletic build). TBB puts me between small and medium
haven't tried the navy twill but i'm pretty much the same size as you, both my bedfords (pictured above) are medium
solitary in the thrift shop an angry man-neither young nor old- composes sentences that no one will hear
hardy amies uniqlo marni
thanks, i don't know if it's a general rule but the ripstop is definitely a bit longer and roomier than my AW herringbone. even the arms are cut wider on the ripstop so i think it's intended for layering [[SPOILER]]
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