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cotton ripstop jawnz suede
ridiculously late to all this but i just saw joss whedon's serenity, which i really enjoyed... so i need to watch firefly now, right? does it live up to the movie?
interesting, thanks. i was under the impression that ripstop was a nylon blend. i think this might be an SS14 and the seller said he washed it, so yeah there is a little whitening, but i plan to wear it as in the picture with beat up denims so i think it works. i also tried this season's dark navy baker but the more uniform colour and vented back made it seem a little dressy for what i wanted.
good tip on the fabindia shirts/kurtas, thanks. bought this bedford described as ripstop but the label says 100% cotton, is that possible? i think i like it anyway, just curious...
sure, but it could so easily have been avoided by him taking 5 minutes once a month to update. or paying charly/whoever. come on, you don't take a million dollars without accepting some basic responsibilities..anyway good on drew for coming here with a willingness to sort the mess out, glad people will be getting their stuffs
no communication for months and months while he is sitting on hundreds of thousands of their dollars? those guys were more than justified
you guys should all be hitting up libertine's facebook page like that. at least it would give drew some incentive to take action. as things stand he has absolutely none
london stockists don't have much. you're best off ordering from thebureau or kafka and returning if necessary.
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