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My first thought on seeing those lapel-less COS blazers was peir wu vibe- before i even looked at the womens stuff. Last summer there was a mens shirt that seemed pretty much a straight copy of one of her designs edit: also, congratulations benes!
hmm, i thought they ran slim/TTS this season? what's your waist measurement/normal size please? i have a few pairs of olive EG pants but the fatigues look a particularly tempting shade.
haha i was waiting to see what you'd do with the blazer kg, that is ridiculously good edit: junya, or the pieces i've handled, do have a hobo vibe, you just have to be able to carry it off. the fact that he's like, ripped etc probably helps
junya so good
depends what you like, i would recommend crockett & jones or churchs,
no idea if it is real or fake, but if it was ebay/paypal you can open a case, they almost always side with the buyer
dampen the waist and stretch it out more (there are contraptions to help you do this, look on ebay). then use a belt
eg-focused types seem to do that quite often, stephanie hoff for example [[SPOILER]]
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