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or just, y'know, walk instead of scooter/hoverboard/segway? (personally i think this should be a law for anybody over 5 years old, in european cities at least- people can do what they want in canada etc)
^ this is exactly why i didn't buy the lemaire owl coat, seems heavyweight winter wear is pretty much obsolete (in london at least)
SLP thread is comedy gold tho. one guy posted about having a mystical, near-telepathic communion with harry styles after their eyes met across a crowded shop floor. i imagine his life was never the same after that.
dries coat (needs pressing)
Loake 771Bs run wide and are not too dissimilar in general appearance, although of course they don't have the distinctive toe shape. i use them as my beater and they're super-comfortable. surprised you struggle with rafs, i have fairly wide feet and mine are ok, although the vamp (?) is a bit low on my forefoot. church's shannon might also be an option.
just to be clear (was on my phone earlier), sale is/was today and tomorrow.
probably no use to you but the our legacy sample sale runs sat and sun, just up the road off brick lane. prices are good (coats 120, trous 50) and tons of stock apart from that, i dont know about deals, but def check out hostem which again is close by on redchurch street
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