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anybody tried nikka whisky from the barrel? passed on some today as i'm not keen on blends, but having read a couple of online reviews i might have to go back and get it.. also, since an argentine friend came to visit, I'm developing a taste for fernet branca & coke
SW&D says it's uncool to post here but w/e
really enjoyable read. can't wait for the label writeups!
^ shoes are camper i believe. thanks for the comments.
[[SPOILER]] As the show begins, zoned-out-looking models track the schematic maze like zombie lab rats. The palette is monochromatic, which in the stark side-on light foregrounds silhouette and texture as well as the extraordinary detailing of the clothes: an apparently soft shoulder that has just enough structure to give it a coherent shape, an oversized or contrast-fabric pocket flap, a sculptural-looking seam or pleat.Enough impressionistic rambling, I’ll let the images...
Peir Wu as part of London mens' fashion week: who the hell needs pitti peacockery when you can have 'dawn of the dead' style models trapped in brutalist concrete labyrinths. The clothes were amazing. proper pics and writeup coming soon!
haha, he honestly looks really good, kind of a dennis hopper vibe. must go in theTOJ hall of fame
well i don't know if it's quite as good, obviously it's a much shorter and i suppose slighter work. on its own terms it's brilliantly realised and very funny. certainly if you enjoyed TM&M you'll enjoy this. the only other thing of his i've read is 'a country doctor's notebook' which is from early in his career and quite different in style, almost chekhovian.
heart of a dog. i really enjoyed it. currently reading knausgaard's 'min kamp', it's actually very good.
sf uniform
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