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nope, the remaining oxford street store also has it, and yesterday had way more stock than regent street which was picked clean in an hour
prob good, you're at least a full size bigger than me IIRC. I could've easily fit into the S but M has the lemaire egg silhouette going on.
5'10, 165ish. coat is an M
when i checked the label they turned out to be the regular flat front pants (TTS). quite a high rise, relaxed thigh and then taper. pretty much the only thing worth having IMO. [[SPOILER]]
NN is right, relaxed trousers are pretty nice, coat drapes quite well but quality is meh
@Trit agree with the others, i wouldn't mess with it. mine bunches a little awkwardly around the hips when done up, but it's that taper that makes it looks so cool when undone, so i just wear it like that 99% of the time.
@Francks I got an '8' coat as part of a yoox bingo haul- didn't love the colour so it went back but quality seemed good for the price. fit was TTS.
yeah canstyle that fit is fantastic, would love to see more detail though. hard to tell even if you're wearing a pink scarf or rocking the regis man-cleavage (either is good, obv)
i had a meeting with a multi-billionaire a while back (taxi drove around the block in central london for a while as we searched for the house until i realised.. the whole block was the house). he ended up complaining how difficult it was managing employees and in particular dealing with all the household staff. i asked if it wasn't possible to do without them for a few days. he seemed to consider it for a moment before sadly replying: "Do you know.. I don't think it is.".
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