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great stuff, really excited to hear more about petrosolaum
nvm staying out of this
you'd think that an organisation like paypal should have some dedicated unit for large-scale scams like this. or, at least could be prevailed upon to take special circumstances into account, given the number of claimants and amount involved. the degree of publicity-positive or negative- that they might get out of it could well be a factor here. so, maybe lets not call the reporter an idiot too often
it could be that the other libertine partners are acting in good faith, but at this point i would be disinclined to believe anything anyone tells me on that front. Their goal is presumably to protect the restaurant's good name while the sale goes through: an obvious stratagem would be to remove drew from the kitchen, hire an interim chef (its a glorified burger joint, after all), issue a statement saying ties have been severed, while drew lies on a beach in thailand for a...
someone else wrote about this; dickens, nabokov and scott fitzgerald all 'misused' it too.edit: good article herehttp://www.theguardian.com/media/mind-your-language/2014/oct/24/mind-your-language-literally
If I were in this queue it would be a concern to me that the restaurant appears to be in trouble (as somebody else pointed out, no way is a sale at this point going to be for a profit- think of all the initial fixed costs...). you guys need to get onto paypal, if you do it en masse the company will have to take you seriously
maybe a white linen shirt, like the ones at uniqlo?
[[SPOILER]] how did i not know that brown boots could look good with black trous?
this is web copy 3.0, maybe you have to be british to get it tho. also, in response to the article that @Parker posted the other day, the british skater subculture and brands emerging from it (like palace) seem refreshingly robustNOW THAT ICE SOLE IS GULLYPALACE DON'T FOOK ABOUTSHUT UPTOP GRADE SUEDEYES I AM A ROADMANAND I WANT THIS125% BETTER THAN YOUR CURRENT TRAINERS
New Posts  All Forums: