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i had a meeting with a multi-billionaire a while back (taxi drove around the block in central london for a while as we searched for the house until i realised.. the whole block was the house). he ended up complaining how difficult it was managing employees and in particular dealing with all the household staff. i asked if it wasn't possible to do without them for a few days. he seemed to consider it for a moment before sadly replying: "Do you know.. I don't think it is.".
regis uniqlo hmxregis
yah looks much better benes. what are the shoes? HL marni C&J
cuz right about now, i aint braggin or nothin, but yo, the Wu, the Wu got somethin that i know everybody wanna wear
nick knight, the photographer, wears a black kilgour suit + white shirt as his everyday uniform. made me want to commission a bespoke from them but prices are eye-watering these days. i think their best cutter was ritchie charlton who left to take over doug hayward's business, i would probably go to him now
no eagles/explosions, sorry uniqlo dries
you should also get a couple of these, they really work. http://www.auravita.com/product/Mottlock-Moth-Box.NAST15987.html
please, no. i want to see this guy wearing lemaire and smiling, not dressed like harry styles with a faux patti smith scowl.
im surprised they went for a stark, they tend to prefer softer fibres in my experience
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