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dark grey (or even black) shoe cream? i've made light tan shoes a couple of shades darker
saw 'dior and I' in amsterdam last summer with a dutch artist friend (who is pretty unimpressed by fashion). i knew that raf owned one of her pieces, but afterwards she let slip that he now has several, and had also offered to give her some clothes .. all in an 'oh, i must get around to calling him sometime' kind of way
sorry for weird stax, jeans are new and might need hemming. marj/uniqlo/hmmmm
el bert recent fits are fantastic.. HL camel hair/OL shetland wool
yeah, i tried the kaftan at liberty and passed because i thought it was probably too heavy for london. should be perfect for anywhere that gets serious winter cold though.
any of you west coast dudes ever visit the restaurant Red Medicine in LA? if so would really value some quick impressions (not just the food, also decor/design/ 'concept' etc).. @Parker @canstyleace @cyc wid it
butteros i've tried seem to run a full size large
anybody tried the 'Board' jacket? seems like it runs large, are people sizing down?
all the collar down options (particularly with scarf) look good to me..
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