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thanks, do you know if they ship internationally? (i'm in london)
anybody know a web stockist for the khaki 'shop coat' he's wearing in the first shots?
sunny day, tried to look vaguely spring-y
is navy ripstop bedford and olive ripstop fatigues just too damn much ripstop?
looks great but second in particular seems like it might be itchy even through tights or whatever. your wife could easily be tougher than me though
yeah, great fit. wish i'd bought that coat now
thanks, i'd been thinking about her dark grey moleskins. best thing about MH site is that under 'title' it gives you an option for lord/lady
you're right, any suggestions for better options? i've got some dark blue heavy wool margiela that might work but thought regis-style lower half was a bit too clean
don't own any crojack but i've handled it, and for that price it's a no-brainer. seemed comparable to the oliver spencer stuff i have.
New Posts  All Forums: