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^ not excruciating. i just tried searching for something better, seems really terrible blogs are getting harder to find
i think it looks ok, and in keeping with the style of the coat. i wouldn't try to tailor, any time i've done that the results have not been good. (if any internet fashion experts call you out, just tell them it's CCP)
be warned, margiela coats often have a slightly odd cut. structured shoulder, emphatically waisted silhouette and long, sometimes slightly flared, skirt. it's not for everyone. would probably work best on a tall skinny dude though
can anyone describe the colour 'night'? bluey-black? which is more prevalent ? (considering the algae coat...)
both nice enough but garret is very thick and stiff, didn't fall particularly well (on me at least). OL lapels and fairly coarse fabric put me off. neither worth buying at retail for me, i'd consider on sale
akindofguise parka
honestly man i think boxy works well on your build. nice to have a change from everything super fitted
very nice francks, details pls?
could be an aspesi 'bob' blazer. also, use the 'ask a question' thread for queries like these in future
i used to live right by the main london branch, every time i went in the SA would tell me off for always wearing grey and try to put me in pastels, and advise me to wear t shirts to 'show off my arm definition'. somehow the feeling of aversion still lingers, i never even look at the website
New Posts  All Forums: