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@diniro that picture of your family in the 70s is great, your father reminds me of lee van cleef
as requested, better pic of the bedford/ghurka combo [[SPOILER]]
i haven't tried the homespun, but based on my olive twill, go TTS. it's a nice fit: longish rise, generous top block and gradual taper.
sorry for the awful picture. ghurka pants just arrived, i think they work pretty well with the bedford
thanks, yeah i got that it's just that 16cm/ 6.3" flat measurement is a really tiny hem- like, difficult to get your foot/calf through for an average guy. doesn't seem to square with what i thought was the schneider silhouette (and indeed the fit in the pictures...)
qlo qlo dries stan
hey will, are the celtis really 16cm at the hem? surely that can't be correct...
sorry to hear that, but it is very difficult to measure a cardigan accurately, or at least i always find it to be soim pretty incompetent though
yeah, this. the design is such that the seam falls a little off the shoulder. this is why i prefer 5 zips in heavier leathers, the drape is better [[SPOILER]]
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