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seriously, i think the weather had a lot to do with it.
crazy, i never believed this would happen. living in london means you are so remote from the rest of the country (which was the problem for most of the politicians/'experts' I'm sure).
^ yeah forgot about rochelle, always good. v close to hostem and SEH kelly as well.
too late for you now but for the record I always recommend tayyabs to anyone into spicy food, surroundings are fairly basic but it's a real hidden gem (best combined with a trip to the whitechapel art gallery). http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2005/may/08/foodanddrink.shopping
was profiled in the guardian last week and described his slp jacket as 'ecstasy-making'. looks a little small to me but he carries it off:
still transitioning here in england
3rd option makes you look like moby, so don't do that. of those pictured i vote number 1.
what do you mean 'went through'? you mean you literally wore them out? (i haven't even gotten round to breaking mine in yet..)
so impressed by you guys who manage to look baller around kids, just went on a trip with a friend and her baby spat milk all over my new marni linen trous
trousers>>>>jeans even leaving the look aside, i put on one of my 10 pairs of apcs the other day and couldn't believe how uncomfortable they were. how the hell did i used to live in those things
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