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FW14 black calf^ I don't know about Barneys but the navy model i handled earlier this season (which i assume is the one on Mr Porter) felt bad, thin and papery
they seem to vary season by season depending on materials etc. but 48 is probably your best bet.FWIW I think the cut is pretty versatile. im 5'10" 170lbs (fairly muscular), generally 48/50, and went for a 46, but a friend who is also more of a true 46 looks good in it too. [[SPOILER]]
good stuff, thanks for posting this!
perhaps the original textile was from pakistan? i've seen some stunning woven fabrics from there, a friend incorporates them in his artwork
cos has some cp ripoffs ATM. looked ok, i didn't try them on
it's probably a good thing, now i'm at home all day uniqlo 'lounge pants' have become my uniform, it seems like a real imposition when i have to put on actual clothes
looks really good to me, what model is that? edit: la spalla, right?
Very glad to see you here. As someone who lives in London I like your buys, particularly Stephan Schneider and Akindofguise. Wish you would carry more Schneider knits
Pessoa also tells you how to get ahead in business, get along with your boss, etc. a must-read for all of SF's aspiring young professionals!
@AlexanderTG the EG/oliver spencer thing really suits you, the rustic fabrics in particular would work well with your slightly more weathered (in a good way!) face. i can see why you're drawn to the SLP rocker image but in terms of pure aesthetics i much prefer this
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