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yeah, i'm a bit on the fence. need to try it in a few different ways before i decide
i might be wrong but i don't see what she could do, even if she had the fabric and was inclined to help. sew on a patch? that would look terrible. she's a designer/cutter, it's a job for a specialist reweaver.
summer might be over, luckily we can be prepared with cape/poncho things at the ready [[SPOILER]]
^ because london is freezing/rainy, and it's only mid-August
14 degrees in london right now.. how is that not shawl weather?(also, most colours at TBB sold out already...)i just want a shawl buddy
i've had rips/holes up to half a centimetre fixed by invisible mending, pretty sure it will work well on a thick slightly fuzzy wool like that. it's very laborious, involves combing individual fibres away from a hidden spot and then re-weaving following the original warp/weft of the fabric. so, not cheap. i'd try to get a partial refund from the seller.. overall , though, it's still a great coat and fits you really well. worth doing even if the seller won't play ball i reckon
thanks for the link MoK, i kopped the airtex in my true size. seems like it could look cool TTS or slightly oversized though. Their store/HQ is actually very close to a friend's place, i keep forgetting to drop by and have a look at AW stuff
of the three i vote wool ramie, and i like the oversized look if you just shorten the sleeves. fitted shoulders/body + bell shape/ flare could look a bit feminine
cola, don't do it
no question, the explorer. really regret letting my 36mm go. one of the very few watches suitable for absolutely any occasion.
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