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just got these MA+ reverse camel derbies and have some beginner questions: it's not like any suede i've seen before, should i use some sort of protector? and do people use shoe trees with this type of last/construction? generally i don't like to baby swd boots but equally i don't want to be guilty of abusing something so well made.
yep really good. is that calf?
looks really good, perhaps a slightly thicker-sole derby would improve it but that's just nit-picking
looks good man, have you tried harris wharf london? to me the fabrics are even nicer/more interesting than barena MA+ reverse camel derby
yeah it does seem to give deeper sleep, you're right about crazy dreams though. i keep it in reserve for when i get into a bad sleeping cycle. the magnesium also helps with DOMS
it does. pretty sure he won't go near the mens' stuff though, regis is safe
dude i don't think banksy was the first person to explore ideas of social organisation in his art. and re china, someone like zu xhen is far more interesting than robin ever washttp://china.southbankcentre.co.uk/artists/index.html#madein-companyhttp://china.southbankcentre.co.uk/artists/index.html#madein-company
perhaps it's just the nap being flattened out a bit? or it could be some of the rainwater was slightly dirty, like maybe it ran down the side of a building before it fell on you as you exited. (being from london i consider myself a rain expert, like eskimos with their 66 words for snow). either way a good brushing should help
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